In this week's resources, you explore the stories of Susana and the Bradley family. They are all in situations that need social work intervention and advocacy. What political strategies would you use

B radley Family Episode 7 Bradle y Family Episode 7 Program Transcript MALE SPEAKER: I have some great news. They've dropped the charges agains\ t you. Tiffany, that's wonderful!

TIFFANY: Yeah, it is. Why did they? Drop the charges, I mean.

MALE SPEAKER: The state just passed a new law that's like New York's Saf\ e Harbor for Exploited Children Act. That means that the courts here no lo\ nger see you as a criminal. They see you as a victim, just like we've been trying\ to tell them. Because you're under age, they agree with us that you were forced against your will to do what you did.

TIFFANY: Prostitution.

MALE SPEAKER: Right. It means that the law understands that young people\ like you, girls, boys, you don't deserve jail time or retention. You nee\ d help and services. So that'll get you off the street.

OK. Before you were upset that they were treating you like a criminal. B\ ut they're not anymore. You're free. What's wrong?


MALE SPEAKER: The man who used to be your pimp?

TIFFANY: I just found out that he got busted.


TIFFANY: He's going to be suspicious that he got arrested the same time \ that I got let out. He's going to think that I snitched on him, but I didn't.

MALE SPEAKER: We should think about getting you some police protection. \ No sense taking any chances.

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