Kant and the Categorical Imperative

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1. Briefly state the humanity as an end in itsel formulation of the Categorical Imperative (also known as the human dignit or intrinsic wort formulation) and give two examples of actions that this formulation would strictly forbid. (2 points.) 2. Briefly state the universal la formulation of the Categorical Imperative and provide an example to illustrate how it operates as a moral principle and test. (3 points.) 3. Identify one strength and one weakness of Kan s theory. (2 points.) In his "Metaphysics of Morals" and in a famous follow-up essay entitled "On a Supposed Right to Lie for Altruistic Reasons" Kant reaffirmed his view that lying is inconsistent with human dignity and, however justified it may seem in certain situations, is always wrong. No exceptions.

Needless to say, this controversial assertion has sparked heated moral debate. What is your view? Is lying always wrong? Can you think of a situation in which lying is the right thing to do?