ethics reply to this discussion

The ethical perspective I rely on most when making ethical choices is �Altruism:

Concern for others.� The perspective is based on helping other even if there is nothing to be gained in return.

The major strengths I see of this ethical issue are if we care and have concern for others we can build healthy relationships, as the society functions best when people help each other. As stated in the text, �the ethics of care incorporates both attitude and action.� (Organizational Ethic p. 23). I often think that peoples should be ready and willing to help others especially their coworkers if they see their co-workers struggling with a task they should jump in and help, without having the co-worker ask them for help. This can make for efficiency in the work place. Caring for others shows that it is a part of a person�s character. The person possesses high moral standards which transcend into being compassionate, sympathetic and concerned.

The major weaknesses I see of this ethical issue is that when we care for others, we might forget others along the way. This means that we cannot really help everyone, even if it is a part of our morals to do so. Another weakness is that we sometimes care for only those people closest to us such as our friends and family members. Some people might perceive your niceness as a sign of weakness, which leads them to believe that you won't stand up for yourself, so you'll be easy to manipulate.