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  • Waiting for answer 500 words essay due in12 hours

    ·       Read “Side Trip” #2 (page 183) and discuss what forms of intercultural praxis with interactions between the French-speaking and English- speaking Quebec/ Canadian cultures? ·       Side Trip #3 (page 211) The Amish culture is known to resist the “English” culture of the outside world. Both...

  • Answered Samsung assignment for introduction management

    Hi i would like to have some pestel analysis and porter 5 forces for my samsung assignment. Thank you

  • Answered 2 Discussions

    Note: I need 300 words answer for the EACH discussions below. Must support your each answer with 3 credible sources cited in APA. Must provide 100% original Answer. Discussion 1 (300 words with 3 credible references cited in APA)  For your initial post to this discussion, explain the difference...

  • Waiting for answer MUS

    Chart the distinctions and similarities between the Exodus event and the Christ event using the supplied chart.   

  • Waiting for answer Special Occasion Speach/Outline

    DO NOT COPY FROM  A SOURCE/WEBSITE.  USE YOUR OWN WORDS!!!! This assignment is for public speaking. The outline needs to correspond with your essay, which will be presented in front of an audience and then graded.  When presenting your essay, the minimum length needs to be 3-5 minutes long. NO EXCE...

  • Waiting for answer compare and contrast between Gilgamesh and Donald Trump

    Describe what's the difference and common ground between Gilgamesh and Donald Trump? Reason and Why approximately 3 pages

  • Waiting for answer Essay

    R. Gruen (Suggested) Research Notes THESE NOTES WILL BE USED IN THE BODY In the video titled “An Introduction to Macbeth,”, “Flippin’ English” claims that Shakespeare’s  Macbeth is a compliment and concession to King James I for his protection and patronage. “The play is set in Scotland.  Before asc...

  • Waiting for answer 2 pages

    i need 2 pages atleast and i need A+ work....kindly check attached instructions and grading rubric ....

  • Waiting for answer Please Read All Instructions In Its Entirety! Due May 24, 20...

    Observe at least one lesson taught by a certified 5th grade teacher. Look at the learning strategies and activities utilized during the lesson. Make note of how students are grouped during various learning activities. Speak with a mentor teacher about differentiation. What considerations are taken i...

  • Waiting for answer Art homework

    Hello, I need you to do this Art homework. Please read the details carefully and followe them. I  chose  ( SAM  museum which is "Seattle Art M useum"  ). Also, I uploaded the pictures of the  paintings so you can look at the and choose one of them. It must be done in 4 hours. Here is the details:...

  • Waiting for answer Discussion WC

    Case 16, p. 96. Identify the moral issue(s) and the parties involved; identify what universalizable moral duties are at stake; identify how the principle of respect for persons applies to the case. 250 words APA See attachments for cases Use only this source Ruggiero, Vincent Ryan. Thinking Crit...

  • Waiting for answer discussion P4

    Case 13 d, p. 49; Case 20, p. 121; and Case 15, p. 96 of Thinking Critically About Ethical Issues. As in all cases for this course, you must identify the parties and the moral issue(s) at stake. Then, concentrate on identifying which universal moral duties are at stake; also assess how the principle...

  • Waiting for answer Discussion P1

    Identify the parties and the moral issue(s) at stake. Now is a good time to start practicing. The information that you will need for the discussion can be found in Case 6i, p. 76; Case 6j, p. 76; Case 8, p. 140; and Case 5, p. 46 250 words

  • Waiting for answer ENG

    Analyze ' The Hound of the Baskervilles'  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle according to the scidentific method and formalism.  at least 2 page for this work

  • Waiting for answer Quick personal summary

    I have to do a short summary about scores for a skills assessment. Here are the Instructions: You received information about your learning skills after you took the self-regulated learning (SRL) survey, as well as suggestions for becoming a more effective and efficient learner. Now, in order to refl...

  • Waiting for answer Discussion

    Social Media has become a very key form of communication in this day and age, almost to the point of being preferred over face to face communications. What lasting impact do you think social media will have on our society going forward? 250 words

  • Answered Scholarship Motivational Application Essay

    Write a scholarship application essay 4 pages. The essay should explain you and your qualities. Alongside the essay, you need to fill out the scholarship application, gather all your materials, double-check that you've met all requirements, and then submit your completed application packet before th...


    I need 1000 words Article about FISHING BOAT RENTALS Instructions Article purpose: to be posted on blogSpecial instructions: 1.      Make sure the keyword is shown in the FIRST PARAGRAPH and make a long title article  2.      Articles should be related to the keyword topic.   3.      Grammar shoul...

  • Waiting for answer RS Paper

    Here is insummary is the prompt for the final.  The due date will be 5-20 at 6 pm pacific time.  It need to be 5 pages, double space, with in text citation you will need to have refrence page as well so total 6 page considering reference  page as one page. 

  • Waiting for answer write a summary

    Write a discussion that reflects your understanding of the readings. It should be at least one-page double space, times. Reading is in the attachment (no outside reference please)

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