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BHR 3352: Human Resource Management Unit I Discussion Question **Explain a situation that you have been in (either as an employee or a manager) regarding turnover or absenteeism. How did you handle th

BHR 3352: Human Resource Management

Unit I Discussion Question

**Explain a situation that you have been in (either as an employee or a manager) regarding turnover or absenteeism. How did you handle that situation? What might you have done differently?

Unit II Discussion Question

**The OUCH test described in Chapter 3 of your textbook is a rule of thumb you should use whenever you are contemplating any employment action. OUCH stands for Objective, Uniform in application, Consistent in effect, and Has job relatedness. Recall a personal experience or a situation described in the news when the OUCH test was not performed by the employer. What step or steps were missing? What would you have done to ensure the steps of the OUCH test were met in this situation?

BHA 3202: Standards of Health Care Staff

Unit I Discussion Question

**This week, please share what you believe are the secrets to success as a healthcare professional. Be sure to address your views on characteristics such as advocacy, honesty, trustworthiness, dependability, and self-motivation, as well as any others in our readings from Unit I that you find vital to success. Are these characteristics innate, or can they be learned? Why, or why not?

Unit II Discussion Question

**We are looking at professionalism and the setting of goals in healthcare administration in this unit. For this discussion, consider the following healthcare organizations, and address what you believe the goals of a healthcare administrator should be for each of the four types of healthcare organizations listed. Describe the similarities and/or differences that you see in each role: (1) free-standing public health clinic, (2) school of medicine health clinic, (3) religious hospital, and (4) community hospital.

HTH 1306: Introduction to Health Care Statistics

Unit I Discussion Question

**Part II: What do you see as the most vital role of statistics in health care? Explain why.

Unit II Discussion Question

**Do you believe that technology will replace the need to understand basic mathematic rules and equations? Why, or why not?

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