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Choose one of the following: Model Research Assignments: Behavior Modification (B.F. Skinner) Group Dynamics (Redl, Fritz & Wattenburg) Choice Theory (William Glasser) Discipline as Self Con

Choose one of the following:

Model Research Assignments:  Behavior Modification (B.F. Skinner) Group Dynamics (Redl, Fritz & Wattenburg)   Choice Theory (William Glasser)Discipline as Self Control (Thomas Gordon)Congruent Communication Theory (Haim Ginnot) Assertive Discipline (Canter, Lee, Marlene) Instructional Management (Jacob Kounin)  Inner Discipline (Barbara Coloroso)Positive Classroom Management (Frederic Jones) Democratic Teaching & Management Program (Rudolph Dreikurs) 

* Please see directions in syllabus for how to complete the Model Research slide show.  This assignment must be submitted in ppt format and cannot be longer than 4 slides.  You must be present it in class for the 4 minute presentation in order to receive credit for this assignment.  

* Research an assigned Classroom Management Model.  Create a slideshow (4 slides max)  about the model including the name and developer(s) of the model, a brief summary (overview), practical classroom applications, and pros/cons.  Information should come from at least two sources. 

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