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Discussion- 200-250 Words Early Childhood

Topic 1 of 1: Family, Volunteer, and Community Involvement

Family, Volunteer, and Community involvement is important for the success of programs for young children. The early childhood administrator strives to establish a reciprocal relationship with families and communities. After reading Chapter 13, from the course textbook, please respond to all three parts of the discussion described below:

Part 1: Part 1 of the Discussion focuses on the early childhood administratorâs effective communication with families through written materials. Parent handbooks provide families with basic program information. These handbooks are usually shared with families during the enrollment process to acquaint families with the programâs philosophy, program structure, activities and services offered, hours of operation, safety and health practices, guidelines for participation, discipline policy, and payment schedules. In addition to the basic information provided during the enrollment process, ongoing communication is needed to increase family involvement and engagement in early childhood programs. Discuss the communication tools and strategies you would use for the program you wish to administrate to inform families of program needs, upcoming events, opportunities for involvement, and progress of the children. Consider face-to-face strategies as well as communicating through the use of technology. What challenges might you face in communicating with busy parents, diverse parents, and demanding parents?

Part 2: For Part 2 of the Discussion, you will focus on the important role early childhood administrators play in seeking services and resources to support children and their families. Describe examples of when it might be necessary to seek the assistance of referral agencies. What types of community services and resources are available to support children and families in need? Describe the steps an administrator should take when working with referral agencies.

Part 3: For Part 3 of the Discussion, you will focus on the opportunities for educating and supporting parents, families, and communities through professional organizations. Early childhood administrators strive to support and engage families and communities. In doing so, reciprocal relationships result. Discuss why family and community involvement is important to early childhood programs. What are the benefits of reciprocal relationships? For the program you are interested in being an administrator, describe the specific strategies you will use to increase family and community involvement? Discuss potential benefits and challenges of involving family and community in your program. What measures will you take to encourage degrees of participation that are appropriate and comfortable to individual family members? How can working with professional organizations benefit the children and families of early childhood programs?

Sciarra, D. J., Lynch, E. M., Adams, S. M., & Dorsey, A. G. (2016). Developing and administering a child care and education program (9th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage

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