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Discussion Questions Intro to Business Unit IV Discussion Board Question 1. Choose an advertisement of a product or service, and share your thoughts and opinions about how the product or service

Discussion Questions

Intro to Business

Unit IV Discussion Board Question

1.       Choose an advertisement of a product or service, and share your thoughts and opinions about how the product or service is marketed. The advertisement could be in print, or it could be a video. Do you feel that the content of the advertisement was engaging and would convince you to purchase or use the advertised product or service? Why, or why not? Be sure to post a screenshot or include a link to the advertisement within your response. In your response to classmates, indicate whether you agree or disagree with their assessment of the advertisement and why.

Unit V Discussion Board Question

2.       In order to maintain an effective workforce, human resources managers must make sure employees feel valued at the companies for which they work. Thinking about companies you have worked for in the past or that you work for currently, describe what made or does make you feel like a valuable part of the team. What are some ways that your company can improve in this area?

Organizational Communication

Unit IV Discussion Board Question

3.       When discussing communication, Auditor General Randall L. Exley explains that how a person communicates (i.e., what channels he or she uses) is just as important as the message. He also feels that receiving feedback is often more important than sending a message. Knowing your receivers and establishing a relationship with them is vital (Skidmore-Williams, 2013).

Unit V Discussion Board

4.       Dove has continued its social media public relations (PR) campaign on beauty and self-esteem. In 2014, Meaghan Ramsey presented "Why Thinking You’re Ugly is Bad for You" at a TED Talks event.In the TED Talk presentation, Ramsey does not mention Dove. Without focusing on the organization in the speech, why would this be a good PR event for Dove? What does it achieve for the organization? Why do you think Ramsey, who is the Global Director of the Dove Self-Esteem Project, chose this way to communicate with Dove's customers (and potential customers)? What are the advantages? What are the disadvantages?

English Comp

Unit IV Discussion Board

5.       In this unit, we have discussed both the introduction and the literature review. Throughout the process of writing both of these sections, you have no doubt gained a better understanding of the controversy that you are exploring with your paper. You probably have a better sense of your argument and what you would like your points to be for your body paragraphs. Consider what you have experienced over the last few units. We are at the halfway point in the course, so think about how far you have come.In this reflection, introduce your classmates to your project. Tell them about the pro and con sides of the controversy, and present them with your thesis statement. Then, consider some of the following questions as you reflect upon the road so far. If you want to, explain a little bit about your process. What have you experienced so far in writing your paper? Was it difficult or fairly easy to come up with your design? Do you feel confident about your progress so far? How do you feel about your thesis statement? What would you like to do in revisions? What step seems the most difficult or the easiest for you?

Unit V Discussion Board

6.       In this unit, we have focused on revising and editing; understanding expectations; gaining perspective on your writing; ways to outline your paper; the importance of keeping the reader in mind; and how you can best read, process, and respond to feedback. Part of the revision process is sharing with others about what you have experienced. You never know what might help others in their process. Further, sometimes it can help you to better understand and reflect upon your process when you have the opportunity to write it down.For this unit's discussion, consider the process you have gone through as you revised your paper so far—the introduction and literature review. What have you found to be most helpful for you? What would you share with others about your process? What techniques, tips, and methods have you used to help the process go more smoothly for you? You can also describe methods that were not as helpful to you and what you would like to do in the future that you think might be better.Keep in mind that the spirit of this writing is to think about ways that you and others might improve your writing process.


Unit IV Discussion Board Question

7.       There are benefits and limitations of working in diverse teams. Discuss your experience with one of the high-performing team characteristics explained in this unit. Explain the role of a leader's ethics in relation to your experience on a team and how the leader influenced the team's behaviors and motivations. What would you have done differently?

Unit V Discussion Board Question

8.       Select a follower type discussed in this unit, and discuss a time you exhibited or witnessed it. Also, select a leadership theory, and discuss a time you exhibited or witnessed it.

Comparative Health Systems

Unit IV Discussion Board

9.       Describe the role of the private sector in the national health care delivery system. How does it differ in the countries in the European region? Please explain.

Unit V Discussion Board

10.   Discuss how political instability and conflict in neighboring countries has affected the health care systems in the Middle East. Do you have any personal experience with any of these issues? Please explain.

Health Care Quality Management

UNIT IV Discussion Board Question

11.Share a personal or professional experience in which members of a healthcare team failed to function as a whole or lacked effective communication, directly impacting the patient's experience or outcomes. If you do not have a healthcare-related example, share an example of how the same conditions impacted you as an employee or consumer.

What do you feel should have been done differently to achieve better outcomes in the situation? Explain your rationale.

Unit V Discussion Board Question

12.   As a consumer, do you conduct any research on a healthcare facility or a provider before choosing to utilize them for you or your family's healthcare needs? Do you think tools like Hospital Compare are enough to help consumers make healthcare decisions? What other sources or types of measurement do you think would help inform your decision as a consumer?

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