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Final Project Read through the NAEYC Accreditation Standards and Criteria, (Links to an external site.)work/families/10-naeyc-program-standards (Links to an external site.)

Final Project

Read through the NAEYC Accreditation Standards and Criteria, (Links to an external site.)work/families/10-naeyc-program-standards (Links to an external site.) 

Prepare a power point to help families identify quality features when selecting an early education program.

Make sure to include features that they need to look for with regards to:

  1. Promoting children's health and safety for their growth and development
  2. Addressing basic preventative health practices and policies that a center needs
  3. Meal planning/Nutritional foods and how food allergies in children are handled at the center, and basic food practices that are used for feeding infants, toddlers, young children, meal planning and food safety
  4. High-Quality environments and how they help the growth and development in children/remember safety measures

You may use slides from previous assignments for this class to complete this assignment.

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