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Part oneChoose an organization for the SWOT analysis that is publicly traded. Include the following information with your choice in a one page document: · Organization nameRationale for the

Part one

Choose an organization for the SWOT analysis that is publicly traded.

Include the following information with your choice in a one page document:

·         Organization name

Rationale for the choice: Why are you interested in the organization from a business analysis perspective (not I’ve always liked racing, so I chose NASCAR)?

·         List 3 to 5 information sources (minimum) of research for the organization.

Part two

Students analyze the components of a new business strategy formulated by an organization of their choosing.

Write a response of at least 150 words for each of the following questions (total of at least 750 words minimum):

·         Has the organization clearly identified its business niche and how it is different from its competitors? Explain your answer. What specific objectives has the firm set in conjunction with the new strategy?

·         What key strengths and weaknesses of the organization influenced the selection of the new strategy? What are the key assumptions about the future that shaped the firm’s new strategy?

·         What influences on tactical and operational planning do you anticipate from the new strategy?

·         Does the new strategy include global activities? If so, is this a good decision? If not, should it include global activities? Why?

·         What role, if any, did entrepreneurship play in the company’s strategy?

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Critically analyze the facts referencing and citing the chapter concepts in text.

Part three

Conduct (Write) the external analysis section of your SWOT paper for opportunities (O) and threats (T) for your selected organization according to the directions in the SWOT Analysis Project document (this is not an outline) using the SWOT Analysis Project document.

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