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Question 1 : Love in the Sociological Perspective Rather than our culture where we fall in love and then get married, imagine a culture where you get married and then fall in love. What kinds of advan

Question 1 :

Love in the Sociological PerspectiveRather than our culture where we fall in love and then get married, imagine a culture where you get married and then fall in love. What kinds of advantages or disadvantages would you see?  Remember to think from another sociological perspective.


The culture of getting married and then fall in love would not end so good because what if the couple don't have anything in common and it's not their type. They can't fall in love with a stranger they don't know like that if they go ahead and get married. Some advantages that it could have would be that you can be two complete strangers and fall in love by loving their personality and not caring about how they look or what they have. Another disadvantage would be that their religion did not cooperate together because religion to some people are a huge deal. There are some advantages and disadvantages when you get married and then fall in love.


Falling in love after getting married is not something many of us are accustomed to. Good things can come out of a different experience like this such as forming a special bond with your partner knowing you'll get to spend the rest of your life with them. I feel there are more disadvantages, however. There's a chance you and your partner get married and don't know if they're the right person for you after marriage. Another problem could be they have different cultural or religious beliefs that go against your own beliefs. In my opinion, getting married and then falling in love would result in more unhappily married couples.

Question 2: 

Of the 6 types of knowledge addressed in your text, which two do you believe would be the most reliable and why?


In my opinion, experience and media are the two most reliable types of knowledge. Media plays a very important part in our lives. We use the media for everything. Media has become a significant source of knowledge. For example, If you have a question or need help with anything nine times out of ten, you're asking Google for help. Experience also plays an important part in our lives because we learn from our past experiences. For example, experience is gained from going through something or witnessing it. So as you experience things, you'll know what to do and what not to do.


Out of the six types of knowledge, and the two I believe would be the most reliable are science and experience. Science being mostly research, labs, and experiments that can be backed up by facts. Science is very reliable it has many things to back up the information. Second, experience. Experience is based off of what people have been through, witnessed, and done. They know, and have knowledge of things, because they have experienced it before. An example would be the elderly would generally know more than a twenty year old, because they have lived through it/ experienced it.

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