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Respond in 100 words in text citations and reference 1. Respond to Gloria Conversations that refer to the disability of a student should reflect consideration for the feelings of those students and f

Respond in 100 words in text citations and reference 

1. Respond to Gloria

Conversations that refer to the disability of a student should reflect consideration for the feelings of those students and families. “Use People First Language to tell what a person HAS, not what a person IS” ( Making remarks that children are “slow” or other language that place negative labels on students who have special needs are conversations that I have personally overheard. People in education must be mindful of the damage they can do with insensitive words. This can have an adverse impact on students making them feel less valued than other students without disabilities. Teachers can restore their confidence and worth through talking to them about their strengths and areas in which they do well and build more on those strengths, so they know how to achieve successful goals. Students need teachers who respect the learning process through skillful approaches to learning and building social strength. Professional and ethical behavior will assure the language teachers use will be open and appropriate without demeaning terms or inferences.

Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities

2 Respond to Kelly 

I appreciated reading and thinking about student strengths and needs, within themselves and as compared to their peers, when identifying and assessing students. Intraindividual differences are a “differences in the child”, and “focus on the individual’s abilities and limitations”, whereas Interindividual differences are “differences between pupils” (Gargiulo, 2016). The terms are new to me but logical and should be easy to remember. In terms of appropriate language, chapter 1 of our assigned reading begins discussing the importance of people-first perspective. Our students are not served when they are ‘the special ed kids’ or the autistic student. Our kids have special needs. Melanie is a learner with autism. People first language reflects how we view and approach people. As special educators we need to be able to advocate for student needs, starting with dignity and respect. We will need to inform by way of example and explanation when it comes to our colleagues who don’t use people first language, but most if not all educational professionals will understand its importance. Inclusion and inclusivity are habits that reflect what educators are tasked with ethically in their professional standards and practices, and legally as they relate to ruling in favor of student rights to least restrictive environments and free and appropriate public education. Having some understanding of the laws as well as the best practices of our profession, gives us valuable insight within the collaborative effort amongst other educational staff, and we are called on to empower our schools with appropriate and useful language.

Gargiulo, R., Metcalf, D. (2016) Teaching in Today’s Inclusive Classrooms: A Universal Design for Learning Approach, Second Edition. Retrieved from,

3. Respond to Sarah 

I have the personality where challenges excite me, and I choose to work specifically with kids who are struggling. I love finding out what drives them and work together to find ways we can make their day a great one. I have found that not all educators share my love of challenges, and some really do not want to be bothered. Students with disabilities may need that extra dose of care and compassion, but it is their abilities that are incredible to watch flourish. For teachers who do not think they can handle a student with disabilities, I try to change their mindset by flooding their classroom with supports to show that this will be a manageable feat for them. Once the general educator sees that having a student with disabilities in her classroom is really not all that challenging, I start to slowly remove supports, and give more and more responsibility to the classroom teacher. Sometimes it is small things that gets the teachers started on becoming part of the team, like a tally count of one specific behavior, or filling out a 5-question checklist. Once teachers see that what they are doing is helping the student succeed, and that change is happening with their help of choosing what to focus on, the teachers are more willing to accommodate their students and hopefully gain a better understanding of how special it is to make a real difference in the student’s life.

4. Respond to Rachel 

I think it is more common than we think that general education teachers believe that they do not have the time or expertise to comply with a student’s IEP. However, it is very important that the IEP is followed through, not only for legal purposes, but also to ensure that the student is getting the most out of their education and their needs are being met. Special education teachers can help general education teachers by providing IEPs and snapshots of each student. At the beginning of the year, it is important to take time to meet and go over the IEP and its components. This would include emphasizing goals, accommodations, and modifications. The special education teacher can also help with modifying lessons in order to meet student needs. This will help the teacher in being able to evaluate student progress toward individual goals and assessing if their teaching approaches are effective (University of Kanses, 2020, para.5). As a special education teacher, it is also important to continue to collaborate with general education teachers and let them know you are available for help when needed. A Univer

University of Kansas (2020). Advice for Classroom Teachers: Your Students With IEPs. Retrieved October 14, 2020 from

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