5247 Topic: Hypothetical ILAC QuestionNumber of Pages: 3 (Double Spaced)Number of sources: 1Writing Style: OtherType of document: CourseworkCategory:   Legal IssuesLanguage Style: English (U.S.)Orde

5247 Topic: Hypothetical ILAC Question

Number of Pages: 3 (Double Spaced)

Number of sources: 1

Writing Style: Other

Type of document: Coursework

Category: Legal Issues

Language Style: English (U.S.)

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I've attached 4 files with this document. The text file "1775247.txt" has the instructions. The first one "roblem_Solving_Assignment__T2__2018___Final_.pdf" is the Assignment guidelines and rules, for this one I only want you to write the 3 pages on the ILAC hypothetical question and not the short answer questions, I WILL DO THE SHORT ANSWER ONES.

The next file is "Model_ILAC_Hypothetical_Answer_for_Students.docx" a model answer to the ILAC question you can use to reference for answering, just showing how it should be answered and formatted, I'm sure you know about it though.

The final file is a powerpoint "Australia_consumer_Law_Lecture_Slides.pptx" that is used to help answer the question. It should have most of the case references and information on Australia Consumer Law to support your answer.

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I have to respond to a Hypothetical ILAC question for my class Introduction to Business Law. They don't require any APA sourcing, just quotation marks if you qoute the facts or slides. I'l attach the exact question with assignment details so you'll understand what I'm talking about. You can ignore the formatting I'll do the rest once I get it. It would be awesome if you could just answer the question in ILAC format! I live in Australia by the way so it's Australia's laws mainly focusing on Australia Consumer Law and the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (cth) (CCA). Thanks so much! Just in case I can't attach files or something I'll put the Hypothetical ILAC question below.

After a few months of overindulgence, Karen decides that i s time to get fit. She searches for local gyms on the internet and comes across a nearby gym called Gym & Toni which is owned and run by Grace. An advertisement on the Gym & Tonic website says On sale for this month only! Monthly gym fee reduced from $60 per month to only $30 per month! Unlimited access . The advertisement shows members of the gym using all different types of gym equipment. The following day she goes to Gym & Tonic and tells the receptionist Jack that she wants to become a member of the Gym. Jack shows Karen the Gy s standard form contract. He asks Karen for her address, date of birth, contact details and bank account details and he inserts this information into the contract. Karen tells Jack that she would like to sign up for 12 months. Karen signs the contract and Jack gives her a membership card.

Karen returns the next day, eager to start her first gym session. She shows her membership card to Grace, the owner, who is working at the reception desk, and asks Grace to show her where the treadmills are. Grace explains that the $30 membership fee only includes the weight equipment, and that she must pay an extra $20 per month if she wants to use the cardio equipment. Karen becomes angry and says that the advertisement on the website said unlimited acces so she should be allowed to use all the equipment. Grace explains that unlimited acces means unlimited visits to the gym each month, not unlimited access to all the equipment. Karen tells Grace that the advertisement created the impression that she could use all of the equipment, and that the only reason she signed up was because she wanted to use the cardio equipment. Karen tells Grace that she wants to terminate her gym membership immediately, however Grace draws Kare s attention to Clause 5 of the membership contract that Karen signed the previous day which says:

The Gym may terminate the contract at any time, without notice and without penalty. If the Member wishes to terminate the contract for any reason, the Member must pay a $100 early termination fee to the Gy .

Karen tells Grace that the gym is a complete rip off and that sh s never coming back. As she is walking to her car, she runs into her friend Will who works at the restaurant next door to the gym. Karen tells Will what happened at the Gym and Will tells her that h s heard a few restaurant customers complain about the same thing. He also tells her that the gym has never offered monthly memberships for $60 per month. The usual cost is $40 per month.

Karen comes to you for advice. She would like to know if she can terminate the contract with Gym & Tonic, and if she is liable to pay the $100 fee. As part of your answer, you should discuss whether Gym & Tonic has breached any of the provisions of the Australian Consumer Law (Schedule 2 Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)) and any remedies available to Karen. Also discuss how the common law applies to this scenario. Do not discuss any liability under contract law.