How does it work?

Here is the new step-by-step process:

    • Post your question without advance payment – simply complete a form and let the tutors know about your assignments.
    • You will receive proposals from tutors to complete your assignment. Chat with the tutors who applied for your order, discuss their educational background, professional experience, and writing style.
    • Choose the tutor you prefer and reserve the money on your StudyDaddy account. You're not paying to the tutor directly.
    • Communicate with your tutor as work progress and check the answer when it’s posted. You can ask tutor for a revisions once the answer is posted.
    • Once you are satisfied with the answer, complete your order and rate your tutor to share your positive experience with other students.

    If you're out of time, you can also buy the answer posted by the tutor without previous proposals and chats. You cannot communicate with the tutor on such order and ask for a paper revision, so please check the preview of the answer carefully.


  • How much does it cost?

    • We don’t charge a penny for registration
    • You can post homework for free
    • Teachers/authors set prices for the answers you need. Choosing the best author/price is solely up to you.
  • How can I pay for your service if I don’t have a PayPal account?

    It is possible to pay with a debit/credit card using PayPal system. However, having an account or registering for it is not necessary.

    Here is how you can do this:

    • After selecting an answer you are willing to buy, click "Pay", which will redirect you to PayPal website.
    • Choose an option of paying with a credit or a debit card.
    • Continue by adding all the necessary information, agree with terms and conditions, and finalize your payment.
  • What if your homework assistance didn’t meet my expectations?

    First of all, try to contact the teacher and explain the problem. It could be a misunderstanding that is not difficult to overcome. In case you can’t reach the teacher or the problem persists, go to the support tab in your StudyDaddy account and start a dispute. We kindly ask to give us all the details in order to solve the problem in no time.

  • Our Promise to Give Your Money back

    You can get a full reimbursement in case the answer is not correct/full. However, you will have to tell us what part of the answer is wrong by opening a dispute within two days after receiving it. When buying answers to your specific question, you may not be eligible for monetary reimbursement.

  • Off-site payments

    In case a teacher is trying to convince you to make an off-site payment, stay alert. Such transactions are insecure since they are held without any protection/supervision from the platform. In such a way, you may become a victim of a fraud, so please do not make any off-site payments.


  • Academic Integrity

    We emphasize that the answers you get from our teachers can be used only as study guides and references for exams. Such materials are very effective when preparing for important tests. Please note that submitting our answers as your own is not allowed, as it will be considered as a violation of academic integrity, which in its turn may lead to serious consequences.
  • works in accordance with DMCA 512C. It means that sharing, uploading or using copyrighted content without authors' permission is forbidden. Whenever you have doubts, it is better to play safe: identify the names of authors, carefully re-write titles and use exact IDs of your assignment.
  • Don't Violate the Law

    Please do not use this service in case this action is proclaimed illegal by a law or statute in the jurisdiction of your area.
  • Exchange of Personal Details

    Please, remember that providing your personal data is forbidden on StudyDaddy, it may undermine your privacy. Therefore, we encourage you to use only established days of communication and do not provide your individual contact details to anyone. Due to the infraction of regulations your account would be suspended and you will not be covered with the refund policy.
  • Questions with Required Information

    If your order is late because you did not provide some required information or materials on time, then you cannot claim a refund based on lateness. Please, be advised that it is very important to provide requirements as the time you place your order.

How does it work?

  • I would like to become a teacher at What should I do?

    We are happy to see you in our team! Please complete the registration process and answer our questions. The key to being successful at our platform and maintaining a solid reputation is gaining good reviews and rankings. More tips can be found below.

    Several tips to increase your salary

    • Make communication your routine. We offer convenient private messaging for that. We recommend reaching out to a student after he/she has posted a question. The most popular time for posting new questions is US daytime, so make sure you are online to get the best offers. Even if you are new to the platform, this practice will help you get a competitive edge to kick-start your career at
    • Cherish long-term relationships with your students. As long as you exceed their expectations with your service, you have loyal customers who will come back to you. It’s common practice for students to cooperate with authors who helped them previously.
    • Train your reaction. It is essential to be fast in order to send a proposal to a student who has just posted a new assignment. Hence, you will have more chances to close the deal. You can use homework notifications in order to stay updated about new orders.
    • Don’t be afraid of complicated tasks. Such questions are sold more often and at a higher price than ordinary ones.
    • Do not go for the lowest price. If you provide a top quality answer, your student will be happy to reward your effort with a few extra dollars.

    Homework notifications

    • There is an option of getting homework notifications based on your field of study and the minimal rate you can accept. Please set up your notifications by going to "Subscribe" at your Account page.
  • How do I need to fill in my profile?

    • You need to fill in your profile and tell the students about you. Describe your knowledge, skills and tutoring experience in order to attract student to choose working with you. Add the study disciplines you can help with.
    • Add your profile picture to make it more attractive and remarkable.
  • How do I get Ratings and Labels?

    • You will be rated by the student for each completed order, so do your best to get 5-star feedback and score better ratings.
    • You’ll get the label for each completed action.
    • Email verified - is granted to newly registered tutor with email verification.
    • Payment method verified - is granted once you verify your PayPal email.
    • Diploma verified is granted to a tutor who completes his profile with valid credentials. Please note, that loaded documents are private and not visible to any other StudyDaddy user.
    • Phone number verified is granted when a tutor proofs valid phone number.
  • How to increase sales of my tutorials?

    • Add explained title to your tutorials with the course and university name.
    • Add full description to your tutorials and describe the task in details.
    • Add the text to your answer, not only attach the files. The student would see the encrypted text that cannot be used without purchase but becomes interested in the preview.
    • Please, do not add the answer in the description, it is visible to all users without purchase.
    • Note, that you don’t need to encode your answer. Users can only access the full answer after the purchase.
    • Do not repost your posted answers as tutorials. The answers are available to another student to buy without copying your answer as tutorial.

Rules and regulations

  • Do not share your personal contacts. This includes your first and last name, email address, Skype ID, phone number, social network usernames, etc.

    Do not ask the student for login details to university websites.

    The following is forbidden everywhere

    • Advertising of any external homework assistance services
    • Rudeness and inappropriate language
    • Spam of any kind
    • Creating multiply accounts is forbidden
    • Boosting your profile with fake reviews is strictly forbidden

    Do not apply to the question if you are unable to provide the quality answer in time. Your StudyDaddy account can be blocked due to a large amount of refunds.

    Due to the infraction of regulations your account would be suspended and your earned amount will be deducted.

Emails and chats

  • Emails

    To ensure effective communication between learners and teachers, we have introduced a specific massage system. Once registered at our platform, you get access to your page. So all the messages sent to your’s account are automatically redirected to the email you provided during registration. It facilitates communication so that you can stay in touch with our team whenever you need it.
  • Chat

    The following is forbidden everywhere

    • Advertising of any external homework assistance services
    • Rudeness and inappropriate language

    On our public chat is forbidden

    • Spam of any kind
    • Communicating in any other language than English
    • Discrediting and fighting with other chat participants

    If you see other users disrespecting the rules, please contact our chat admin to ban them.