#35373 Topic: Decolonization through the journey of reflectionNumber of Pages: 6 (Double Spaced)Number of sources: 15Writing Style: HarvardType of document: EditingAcademic Level:UndergraduateCategory

#35373 Topic: Decolonization through the journey of reflection Number of Pages: 6 (Double Spaced) Number of sources: 15 Writing Style: Harvard Type of document: Editing Academic Level:Undergraduate Category: Nursing VIP Support: N/A Language Style: English (U.K.) Order Instructions: ATTACHED Description: Decolonisation through the journey of reflection Task:

1. Using Gib s Model of Reflection, consider your own attitude and or biases about the subject. Reflect on your values and beliefs about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders before commencing this subject.

2. Now review and analyse this subject and state how your decision making has been changed by doing this subject. Giving examples of 3 specific weeks of the yarning circle activities you participated in and how this impacted on you. E.g. the debates (naming the debate and what your involvement was) and the home visit to Judy, and your involvement with these activities.

3. In conclusion how will this impact on your future nursing practice for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people, embedding the Graduate Attributes and the National Standards for Registered Nurses and, UTS Indigenous Graduate Attributes into your reflective essay.

Essay guideline:

1. Thediscussionshouldbesupportedbyrelevantliterature(peerreviewed)and health statistics.

2. Your essay should have an introduction and a conclusion. NO headings.

3. You are NOT to use Wikipedia to support the discussion. Essays that do not just rely on the statistics presented in the Literature will attract higher marks.

4. It is expected that presentation of the essay and referencing will be in accordance with the Faculty guidelines. Marks will be deducted for incorrect referencing, and presentation (up to 10%).

5. The Referencing is to be attached and not to be included in the word count.

6. All late assessment submission to be submitted through the late assessment portal.

7. AlldocumentsmustbeinMicrosoftwordonly,NOPDFforma forthereason as there may be a discrepancy in your similarity report.

8. The academic language should portray people sensitively in writing, and be culturally appropriate.

Students please note:

Submission on UTS Online:

At the top of the first page of your assessment, please write the following statement:

"The following paper is my own work and original, and has not been submitted previously for assessment".

Your assignments are to be submitted into Turnitin and will be marked online. A Microsoft word document is the format to submit. Please ensure the entire assignments including references are submitted to Turnitin. Do not include a cover sheet in electronic assignments posted to the Turnitin assignment porta on UTS online for this subject.