You must use the attached file content.Using the SQL statements provided write CREATE and INSERT statements to populate the ARTIST, GALLERY and PAINTING tables in Microsoft ACCESS.  When inserting th

/* Database Systems, 8th Ed., Rob/Coronel */ /* Type of SQL : SQL Server */ CREATE TABLE GALLERY ( GAL_NUM varchar(4), GAL_OWNER varchar(35), GAL_AREACODE varchar(3), GAL_PHONE varchar(8), GAL_RATE numeric, PRIMARY KEY(GAL_NUM) ); INSERT INTO GALLERY VALUES('5','L. R. Gilliam','901','123-4456','0.37'); INSERT INTO GALLERY VALUES('6','G. G. Waters','405','353-2243','0.45'); /* -- */ CREATE TABLE PAINTER ( PTR_NUM varchar(4), PTR_LASTNAME varchar(15), PTR_FIRSTNAME varchar(15), PTR_AREACODE varchar(3), PTR_PHONE varchar(8), PRIMARY KEY(PTR_NUM) ); INSERT INTO PAINTER VALUES('123','Ross','Georgette','901','885-4567'); INSERT INTO PAINTER VALUES('126','Itero','Julio','901','346-1112'); INSERT INTO PAINTER VALUES('127','Geoff','George','615','221-4456'); /* -- */ CREATE TABLE PAINTING ( PTNG_NUM varchar(4), PTNG_TITLE varchar(35), PTNG_PRICE numeric, PTR_NUM varchar(4), GAL_NUM varchar(4), PRIMARY KEY(PTNG_NUM) ); INSERT INTO PAINTING VALUES('1338','Dawn Thunder','245.5','123','5'); INSERT INTO PAINTING VALUES('1339','A Faded Rose','6723','123',''); INSERT INTO PAINTING VALUES('1340','The Founders','567.99','126','6'); INSERT INTO PAINTING VALUES('1341','Hasty Pudding Exit','145.5','123',''); INSERT INTO PAINTING VALUES('1342','Plastic Paradise','8328.99','126','6'); INSERT INTO PAINTING VALUES('1343','Roamin''','785','127','6'); INSERT INTO PAINTING VALUES('1344','Wild Waters','999','127','5'); INSERT INTO PAINTING VALUES('1345','Stuff ''n Such ''n Some','9800','123','5');