1. How would you explain the correlation between the amount of corruption in a country and economic development? (800 words)Use at least two (2) academically reviewed journal articles as research for

After reading this week's materials, please respond to one or more of the following questions.

1.Describe the difference between the Biba Integrity Model and the Clark-Wilson Integrity Model. Give an overview of the Bell LaPadula Confidentiality.

2.In your own words, describe the concept of ring protection. What is the difference between Layering and data hiding?

3.Describe the different components addressed within the Common Criteria used for evaluation of the security elements within a system. What is the difference between certification and accreditation of a system?.

4.Define cloud computing and describe the differences between Software as as Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Define parallel computing and describe bit-level parallelism, instruction-level parallelism, task-level parallelism, and data parallelism.