Write an HLA Assembly language program that prompts for a specific int8 value named n and then displays a repeated digit pattern starting with that number. The repeated digit pattern should show all t

program boxit; #include ("stdlib.hhf"); static iDatavalue : int8 := 0 ; Begin boxit; stdout.put("Gimme a decimal value to use as n: "); stdin.get(iDatavalue); mov(iDatavalue, BH); DoWhileLp:




mov(BH, CH); ForLpTerminationTest:

cmp(CH, 0); jnl ForLpDone; ForLpBody:

stdout.put("I = ", CH, nl); ForLpIncrement:

dec(CH); jmp ForLpTerminationTest; ForLpDone:

dec(CH); DoWhileLpTermination:

cmp(CH, 0); jbe DoWhileLpDone; jmp DoWhileLpBody; DoWhileLpDone:

stdout.puti8(BH); end boxit;