Values, culture, and underlying beliefs of human services providers may raise dilemmas when handling cases involving issues such as infidelity, domestic violence, and parenting matters. In this week’s

V alues – Chapter 3 Values – Chapter 3 Program Transcript [MUSIC PLAYING] On-screen Graphic: Values – Chapter 3 On-screen Graphic: Two weeks have passed since John and the Human Services Professional have last met. Chahana’s lawyer has filed a separation order, meaning that she is planning to proceed in filing for divorce.

On-screen Visual: John enters a coffee shop and sits across from the HSP.

HSP: Good Afternoon John. It’s good to see you. Please have a seat.

JOHN: Thanks, it’s…it’s good to see you too. I’ve been really excited to talk with you. Have you heard about me seeing my boys?

HSP: Actually, I have. Your assessment has been completed by the agency and you’ ve been cleared to visit with your children under certain circumstances.

JOHN: (excited) That is awesome! I miss them so much.

HSP: You have to understand, there’s a process that we must adhere to with these visitations.

JOHN: I’ll do whatever it takes. I need to see my kids.

HSP: With the restrictions and conditions around the Peace Order you still ca\ n’t see Chahana. So you both will have to work individually with a parenting\ coordinator.

JOHN: A parenting coordinator?

HSP: This is someone that will help both you and Chahana with scheduling visitation times and coordinating locations. You will communicate with this person regarding all the details about the visitations each week.

JOHN: So, I won’t have to see or speak with Chahana when these visits occur\ ?

HSP: No. By law you can’t see or speak with her. It’s important that you remember that John. Any time that arrangements need to be made or information about special needs for the children has to be communicated,\ it needs to be done through this person © 2014 Laureate Education, Inc.

1 V alues – Chapter 3 JOHN: And I only get to see them once a week?

HSP: For the time being, yes that’s the case. Make sure you are enjoying the time you have with them John. It is important for both you and the boys.

JOHN: I can’t wait to see them. Let’s get in contact with this person and get the process started.

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