Hello I have an assignment due soon which can be on either obsessive compulsive disorder or alcoholism. I am supposed to briefly describe the disorder and create a treatment plan for the same. The wor

TERM PAPER INSTRUCTIONS: Choose a psychological disorder from the course that you are interested in learning more about . Background: (1) Describe (in written words) the diagnostic criteria for the disorder usi ng DSM - 5 criteria, as well as typical symptom presentation for the disorder . State the most common diagnostic comorbidities for that disorder. (2) Describe a n example of a c linical case for th at disorder. You may develop your own or use an example from the case book. State cl early which option you have chosen. (3) Describe two po tential theo retical approaches t hat coul d be used to provide treatment for the disorder (e.g., CBT, mindfulness, DBT, huma nistic, ACT, client centered , psychodynamic ) . P rovide justification for using one of them for your case. Assessment and Intervention : (4) O utline what treatme nt f or the disorder could look like using the case and theoretical orientation you describ e d . Be sure to include a session by session breakdown of what would be covered with the client . (5) Describe typical treatment pro gression and proven efficacy of the treatment . Rates of recovery? How quickly would you expect your case to pr ogress? Chance o f relapse? (6) Describe any complications of treatment that may arise or present challenges to your case. Is this a client you would enjoy working with? Why or why not? Your paper should be approximately 1 500 words and in APA style. There is no pe nalty for going over the word count, however please do not surpass 3 000 words. A s per APA style, your paper should be double space d in Times N e w Roman 12 point font. It should include a title page (not included in word count), page nu mbers, running head and header, as well as a references page using APA style citations (also not included in word count) . You do not need to write an abstract . It may be helpful to use subheadings to indicate different sections of the paper. Your essay can incorporate information form the casebook, textbook, and online content. You are welcome to use academic journal articles from either Google Scholar or the University of Manitoba’s online library system for supporting infor mation if you would like , you should not be using regular we bpages from google or other websites . You will be graded based on your ability to follow the guidelines above , as well as the quality of your writing . Please submit the paper through UM Learn, it is due by 11:59pm on November 15 , 2021. If you require an extension, please contact your instructor through email.