Healthcare in the US Reflection questions/prompts: You do not have to write on each question or prompt. Choose the ones that relate to you, your journey, and your project. • How much did you know abou

Healthcare in the US Semester Project There is a lot we are covering and you are learning about healthcare. To help you personalize what you are learning and expl ore topics that are of interest to you, you will ch oose a topic you want to research and explore in more depth and present what you have learned in a way that interest you. To start your exploring process please follow these steps: Choose a topic of interest 1. Go through your book and identify 3 high level areas of interest you have read or will read about. 2. W rite down more narrow or specific topics that fall under your large areas of interest. 3. Circle your top 3 topics you want to research more of. 4. Hand in those topics to your teacher by ___ October 1 ________ , into the Assignment Folder titled “Healthcare Topics”. 5. Your teacher will respond with some ideas and thoughts on the topic 3 you choose in the feedback tool of the assignment folder . 6. After you read the teachers feedback, c hoose the topic you want to focu s on and hand it in the “Healthcare Topics” Assignment Folder. Where do I begin? Appointments must be before October 29 1. To start your research, you will make an appointment with your instructor for a virtual session to talk about your topic. 2. The discussio n with your instructor will focus on developing the main ideas for your research, where to find information, and to talk about ways you can present your findings. a. The ways to present your findings could include the following: video, podcast, blog, vlog, Infographic , talk show, PowerPoint , article on a website, newspaper, or magazine, Pamphlet, or other ideas. To make an appointment with your instructor please use the following link . The times available will show up in the appointment link. If the times don’ t work for you please email me with some other times we can schedule an appointment. Points will be awarded on the checklist for this appointment. Calendar Appointments Link Health Care in the US Project Checklist ✓ ______/ 5 point : Handed in a list of interested topics into the “Healthcare To pics” assignment folder and read teachers feedback. ✓ ______/ 5 point : Made and attended a virtual appointment with the instructor. ✓ ______/ 5 point: Handed in a plan of presentation ideas and main concepts to the “Healthcare Plan” assignment folder . ✓ ______/ 30 points: Reflection paper question answer ed per rubrics requirements: o Reflection paper requirements: ▪ In a three (3) page paper please re flection and write on the following questions and prompts. ▪ Paper Requirements: Single spaced, 1-inch margins , check spelling, reflection questions and answers are clearly identified in the 3 pages. Don ’t use a lot of spacing b etween questions and answers. You may write 3 pages on one question or you may choose 3 questions to answer and write a page for each question. ▪ Reflection questions /prom pts : You do not h ave to write on each question or prompt . Choose the ones that rel ate to yo u, your journey, and your project . • How much did you know about the subject before you started or what was your knowledge ba se on the topic prior to your research ? • What problems did you encounter while you were researchi ng your topic ? How did you solve them? • Does your topic tell a big ger story , what is it ? • What challenged you about the topic and the information you gathered for the presentation? • Wh at feelings developed as you learned more about your topic? • What thoughts came to your mind as you dug deeper into the topi cs? • While you were researching or after you have completed the project have any of your ideas changed on this subject , which one ’s and why? • If you were the teacher, what comments would you make about your p roject ? • What is one thing or topic ar ea you particularly want people to notice when they go through your presentation , why this area ? • Has the research you have done changed your mind on anything ? If so, explain how. • Wha t questions do you still have or wha t additional topics and ideas would you want to continue researching on? • Were there any unaddressed critical issues /topics that were difficult to find information on, what were they and why wa s it hard to find the answers ? • Do the topics relate to anything from your past , what are they and how? • What’s the most important thing you learned about the topic ? Why do you think so? • What do you want your classmates to learn and get out of the presentation? • Why is this topic important for people to underst and ? • What action s can you take to help advocate for change related to this topic ? Rubric for Project: Due Date: December 6 th for Project and Reflection to be handed in Due Date for Audience Worksheet: Wednesday December 15 th at 11:59 pm 50 point s 4-5 points each 2-3 points each 0-1 points To pic Selection Identifies a focused , thought out, and manageable topic . Write s clear and attainable research questions and lists topics that will be explored for each research question . Project has a stated goal and objectives, and the goal is achieved. Identifies a topic that is far too general and wide -ranging as to be manageable and doable . Research Questions Well thought out r esearch questions and topics are clearly placed at the beginning of the presentation so the audience und erstands what information they are to learn from the presentation . The audience should be able to explain what they are to learn by not just repeating what was written in the presentation . Identifies research questions and topics that are not clear as to what the audience is to learn . The audience can only rewrite what was written in the presentation. There is no critical thinking on what the audience should learn. The questions/topi cs are not identified at the beginning of the pr esentation. Presents information from irrelevant sources representing limited points of view/approaches. Research questions are not clear or not id entified at the beginning of the presentation. The research questions are not clear and the au dience is not sure what they are to learn. Research , Knowledge and Views Synthesizes in -depth information from relevant sources representing various points of view/approaches. Answers to the research questions/topics are general and do not show in- depth analysis and are only copied from other sources. The answers to the research questions/topics do not show any analysis and are copied and pasted from the source. Bibliogr aphy/Resource page The use of APA/ MLA citation methods are used to create a bi bliogr aphy/resource page. Yo u DO NOT have to do in text citations. Purdue OWL A PA Templates link Purdue OWL MLA Templa tes link The use of APA/ML A was not used to create a bibliogr aphy/resource page . You DO NOT have to do in text citations. There is no bibliography /resource page. You DO NOT have to do in text citations. Analysis of information Th e information researched and presented show s evidence of synthes izing information, making connections on what you want your classmates to learn about your topic, and t he inf ormation presented was placed in t he project on purpose , there was an intention on what you want the viewer to learn . The infor mation presented is c opied and pasted from other sources. There is limited analysis of what the information means and how it answers the research questions. Answers and information are presented, but is does not relate to the research questions/topics . Presentation of infor mation Organizes the answers to the research questions and topics in a design the viewer can follow and learn. There was a c lear intent to breakdown the research and organize it so the audience can learn the answers to the research questions The answers to the re search questions is n ot clear, there is no flow from one topic to the next. The audience has to interpre t the informat ion on their own. The audience is not sure what they are to learn . Delivery of information The presentation flows smoothly from one research question/topic to the next. There is no question how the questions/t opics go together. The informat ion presented is difficult to follow. It is difficult to understand how the topics and answers relate to each other. The audience cannot answer simple questions about w hat they lea rned at the end of the presentations . Creativity The information is presented in a way that keep s the audien ce’s attention . The viewe r’s attention is kept through the entire presentation. The viewer would be abl e to answer questions on the The infor mation presented does not keep the audi ence’s attention. The audience has to go back to previous slides/vid eo, etc. The information presented is in a format that makes the audience read pages of information, there are no creative methods used to deliver the information. There are no pictures, audio, video, animation , or presentation without going back through it as it was engaging. to remember what was written and make connections to the research questions/topics. ot her creative tools to keep the audience’s attention and deliver information in a nother format besides words. Reflection At least a three (3) page reflection paper is written and h anded in after the project is completed. The re flection question s are listed in this assignment . The reflection pape r did not answer the re flection question. The paper was not at least 3 pages in length. The paper ended at 3 page s when there was clearly more that could have been written. Does not hand in a reflecti on paper. Audience Worksheets Completed the Audience worksheet for at least 3 other projects Partially completed the Audience worksheet for at least 3 other project s or only completed 2 worksheets Completed zer o or 1 Audience worksheet.