Madam Easy Assignment

BUS662 - Case Grading Form Objective/Criteria Needs Improvement Satisfactory Exceeds Expectations Content: (0-25 Points) Did not answer all questions completely.

Supporting evidence incomplete or missing. (26-45 Points) All questions answered completely. Demonstrated understanding of topic and provided supporting evidence (46-50 Points) All questions answered using concepts applied from class, readings or cited sources.

Demonstrated understanding of concepts, used critical thinking in developing responses and employed evidence systematically to support response. Writing Quality (0 Points) Spelling errors, poor sentence structure/writing errors. (0-12 Points) No spelling errors, well organized with appropriate paragraphs. Sources cited. (13-15 Points) No spelling or writing errors. Professional and specific language. Arguments and responses organized in a clear and coherent manner. Proper use of APA citations/references Extensions (0 Points) No sources used in addition to the case. (0-6 Points) At least one additional reference (7-10 Points) Multiple additional references including personal insights. Levels of Achievement