Draw an Object – In 3D autocad 4 veiw (tennis table)

DDSN 101 CAD-1A Project 2 – Draw an Object – In 3D – FINAL - 400pts Start this  Project in  a .dwg that was opened from the Student Template  Format:  CAD File (.dwg) and PDF,  uploaded to D2L before the beginning of class,   with the title block filled out, 36x24 Black & White PDF page. The PDF will consist of 4 unique views: 3 Standard (Top/Front/Side) 1 section view, and 1 Isometric or other 3D type view which illustrates the 3D nature of your object.

Each view will be displayed in its own viewport on the layout which contains the title block. (That's 4 viewports) Draw an object three dimensionally.  Using FLATSHOT show that object in  the three  standard views  AND at least one angled  view.  Remove all hidden lines. Then use the Vertical Section tool to create a section of your object.

You can use the object you drew for Project #1, select an object from the list  below, or have  an appropriate object approved by the instructor or TA.   Suggested objects:

Cell phone (old school only, no smart phones Camera (DSLR or similar, no GoPros) Athletic/sports equipment (chair lift seat, fly reels, etc.) Exercise equipment (treadmill, bench press, squat station, etc.) The project will  be graded on the following criteria:   Accuracy (the four views match, meaning that they all represent the same object in  size and detail)  Views can be different scales but each view  must have  its scale indicated so that there is no question about the size of the object Clarity (label & dimension the object sufficiently so there’s  no question regarding its size) Detail  (points  may  be given for exceptional 3D details  or lost for a lack of details) • Yo u MUST  use F LATSH OT and VerticalS ec tion to  cre ate a ll view s of yo ur objec t.

• T his IS  NOT a re ndering  ass ignm ent. • No need to dimension the angled view,  but the “Top/Front/Side” views all need to have dimensions  which provide enough information to know the overall size of the object (min. 2/ view) • Label all 5 views: Top, Front, Side, Isometric *view names may vary, but they all must be present. Sections should be labeled "Section A-A" or similar. Example will be shown in class. Recommendation:

  review with  the  instructor  your  selection  before  you  commit  to the  drawing;  do not   pick  something  either  too  easy  or  too  complicated.   Degree  of  difficulty  will  be  rewarded  IF  well  executed.   *please note: the submission of an object which is featured in "step-by-step" how-to guides on sites like YouTube will be grounds for a 0 (zero) grade and being reported to the Dean of Students for Academic Misconduct.

Total  points for this assignment:  400   NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED. The dropbox to upload the final will close at the start of normal class time on the due date. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!