This for a cognitive psychology class you need this book Goldstein, E. B. (2015). Cognitive psychology: Connecting mind, research, and everyday experience (4 th Ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth/Cengage Learning

Grad ing Rubric for Cognitive Journal Entries Dimension Sophisticated Competent Needs Work Content Entry topic (behavior) is clearly stated , and completely and clearly outlined. Topic (behavior) selected is highly relevant to chapter ’s content and connection between the two is clear. R elationship between topic (behavior) and chapter theory is clearly articulated and accurate.

Author's underlying logic is explicit , and his or her observation(s) help the reader see things in a new light. 10 -8 pts Entry topic (behavior) is clearly stated , and relevant to chapter ’s content. Connection between the two is mostly clear and complete – there are some unclear components or some minor errors in the linkage. Author's observations are mostly clear, yet some aspects may not be connected or minor errors in logic are present . Author's presentation exposes the reader to an interesting perspective. 7-5 pts Entry topic (behavior) is vague , and/or inconsistently (or only superficially) related to, or not relevant to chapter ’s theories ; r elational components are missi ng or are inaccurate or unclear. T opic (behavior) is not clearly articulated and/or has incorrect or incomplete components with regards to a r elationship with chapter ’s theories. Author's observation(s) may not be clear and the connection with chapter theo ry may be incorrect or unclear or just a repetition of chapter content without explanation and/or linkage . Underlying logic is flaw ed. 4-0 pts Comprehensibility Entry is completely under - standable, and intellectually communicated. 5-4 pts Entry i s understandable for the most part and effectively communicated. 3-2 pts Entry is difficult to grasp, somewhat beyond understanding, and ineffectively communicated. 1-0 pts Effort Entry exceeds assignment requirements and significant scholarly effort has been employed. 5-4 pts Entry meets assignment requirements per syllabus and instructor guidance, and acceptable scholarly effort has been employed. 3-2 pts Entry partially fulfills, or does not meet assignment requirements and scholarly effort is lacking. 1-0 pts Writing (organization , grammar, mechanics, spelling, etc.) Entry is coherently organized and the logic is easy to follow.

No spellin g or grammatical errors and terminology is clearly defined. Writing is clear , concise and persuasive. 5-4 pts Entry is generally well organized and for the most part, easy to follow. There are few spelling and/ or grammatical errors, or undefined terms . Writing is mostly clear , but may lack conciseness. 3-2 pts Entry is poorly organized and difficult to read – does not flow logically from one part to another.

There are several spelling and/or grammatical errors; technical terms may not be defined , or are poorly defined. Writing lac ks clarity and conciseness. 1-0 pts Maximum points: 25