Government Spending and Taxation

Grading Rubric for Discussion Posts Outstanding Good Average Limited Flawed 100-90 points 89-80 points 79-70 points 69-60 points 59 or below 30 to 27 27 to 24 24 to 21 21 to 18 18 > Demonstrates Careful Reading & Inquiry in Subject (30 pts) Clear that the readings were understoodPost shows that material was readPost relies primarily on summary. Lacks support Post suggests assignment was scanned but not read thoroughly. Post gives little indication that the assignment was read Post shows serious contemplation of material. Addresses some the components Rehashes ideas from other posts. Post is not relevant to questions or discussions. Shows original thought that goes beyond the obvious All components are discussed 20 to 18 18 to 16 16 to 14 14 to 12 12 > Responsibly cited; offers examples (20 pts) Quotes used support students point (proves it) Quotes used support students point (proves it) Too few examples; relies mostly on generalization Paraphrase dominates post.

No quotes are used. Quote choices are well chosen and from multiple places Quotes are somewhat predictable Quotes do no effectively support ideas Quotes used are not integrated.Evidence is flimsy. Citations are integrated well (not just dropped in). Quotes are not well integrated into discussion. Quotes are poorly integrated. Quotes do not make sense as support or is out of context. Uses all class materials to support ideas. 20 to 18 18 to 16 16 to 14 14 to 12 12 > Quality of Prose (20 pts)Post is clear and articulate. Contains minor errors that don’t cloud meaning. Contains proofreading errors. Post is sloppy. Uses text messaging shortcuts; hard for readers to follow. No quotes are used.

It contains correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. Contains some grammar, spelling &/or punctuation errors. Contains documentation &/or citation errors. Fails to use correct grammar, capitalization or punctuation. Textual evidence (even paraphrased) is flimsy. Quotes are properly cited. Dictation is ordinary. Contains may documentation errors. 30 to 27 27 to 24 24 to 21 21 to 18 18 > Engagement of others (30 pts) Shows concerted and honest effort to engage with others.Shows attention to other posts in the thread. Offers little interaction with other posts in thread. Does not acknowledge other posts. Ignores other posts in thread. Responds to ideas in a way that advances the discussion. Incorporates and acknowledges ideas of others in attempt to advance the discussion. (perhaps in predictable ways) Mostly summarizes what others have said without adding to discussion. Misrepresents content of other posts. Does not engage with others. Less then the minimum number of postings (original & 1 reply). Only has original post.

Replies to others posts only (no Original post).