POLS1010 Test 50 Questions Must Complete in 50 minutes When I start the test study Materials available

Define social contract?

Know examples of separation of powers and checks and balances?

Explain the arguments of John Locke and their relation to the Declaration of Independence?

Define democracy?

Importance of Marbury v. Madison?

Know theenumerated powers of Congress (ArticleI, Sec. 8)?

Define representative democracy?

Define aristocracy?

Define push poll?

Define concurrent, implied, and expressed powers?

Explain the structure of government under the Articles of Confederation?

Explain the Virginia Plan, New Jersey Plan, and Great Compromise?

What does the constitution say about political parties??

Explain thecompromises made at the Philadelphia convention concerning slavery?

Explain the advantages of federalism?

Explain arguments of Federalists and Anti-Federalists?

Define constitutional monarchy?

Explain the importance of the Stamp Act?

Who wrote the Federalist Papers??

Define libertarianism?

Explain Madiso s arguments in Federalist 10?

Define capitalism?

Explain the impeachment process?

Explain the methods for amending theconstitution?

Define liberalismand conservatism?

Explain the importance of McCulloch v. Maryland?

Define theocracy?

Explain how political parties perform the function of selecting candidates?

Explain the demographics of the delegates to the constitutional convention?

Identify agents of political socialization?

Define plutocracy?

Explain the original purpose of the Philadelphia convention?

Define dictatorship