Need someone that do my business law project

PROJECT: Schools want research papers to show that you can do research on your own time and haven't committed any plagiarism , that is you know how to put other individuals' works' words into your own terms. GUIDE. Topics: Civil rights ; public corruption; cybercrime, Trust and Wills; Intellectual Property - Title your guide [subject] Research Guide. You may use either a subject or, optionally, a department name, if it is more descriptive.  Think in terms of questions you want answered. A good research project should collect information for the purpose of answering (or at least attempting to answer) a question.

As you review and interconnect topics, you'll think of questions that don't seem to have clear answers yet. These questions are you r research topics.  Spend time collecting stacks of books and skimming them for valuable information until you've exhausted those resources. Keep an open notebook or a portable device with a notepad on hand, and copy down everything you might use verbatim.  INSTRUCTIONS : 1. Clarify the existing legal framework EITHER in USA or your home country. 2. Assess their proposals . ¿Do they work? If not, where do the problem arise? 3. Recommend any posible alternatives or remedies . Eventhough there is always an articulation of law and politics, your solutions may not include any kind of political attack to any regime or local authority.  You should have handed in your topic at the end of the first week, with its specific title and specialized área of emphasis  At the end of the third week it is mandatory for you to hand in your proyect for review.  At the end of the fourth week remember you have to upload your course Project on a 10 page ARIAL 11 LENGHT. You may attach a link for a three minute video if it helps you explain ing your proposal.  Remember that Academic Integrity involves Anti plagiarism policy and punctuality requirements, as follows: Plagiarism and cheating WON’T be accepted ; punitive action will be taken. Copying someone else's work is cheating, and so is allowing someone else to copy your work. Taking or showing someone else's ideas or words as your own is plagiarism. You must quote in the proper way in order to avoid disci plinary actions. Turnitin system will be applied. All assignments must be turned in on -time to receive full credit.  GRADES: This will be grade d on a total of 25 points divided as follows: 5 points if you turn in your topic at the end of the first week, with its specific title and specialized área of emphasis 10 points if you turn in at the end of the third week your proyect for review 10 points grading your final paper