1. Watch videos 6 about summary statistics using the Data Analysis add-in in Excel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFGy7Pghv-E 2. Download and open the pizza dataset from the dataset drive folder.3

Created By AccessData® FTK® Imager Case Information:

Acquired using: ADI3.2.0.0 Case Number: Lab4 Evidence Number: Lab4_USB10a Unique description: USB10 after modifications to hide data Examiner: Instructor Notes: Used WinHex Specialist to edit device sectors -------------------------------------------------------------- Information for C:\CMIT424\Lab4\Images\After Raw Edits\Lab4_USB10a:

Physical Evidentiary Item (Source) Information:

[Device Info] Source Type: Physical [Drive Geometry] Cylinders: 243 Tracks per Cylinder: 255 Sectors per Track: 63 Bytes per Sector: 512 Sector Count: 3,913,344 [Physical Drive Information] Drive Model: Verbatim STORE N GO USB Device Drive Serial Number: 0C7000282080 Drive Interface Type: USB Removable drive: True Source data size: 1910 MB Sector count: 3913344 [Computed Hashes] MD5 checksum: 251b0a94bdedcddc525cfd6e6d6b259b SHA1 checksum: a68f9aa137e31c65f20766e1062b9e82fe347ecb Image Information:

Acquisition started: Wed Aug 13 09:43:13 2014 Acquisition finished: Wed Aug 13 09:46:01 2014 Segment list:

C:\CMIT424\Lab4\Images\After Raw Edits\Lab4_USB10a.E01 Image Verification Results:

Verification started: Wed Aug 13 09:46:01 2014 Verification finished: Wed Aug 13 09:46:14 2014 MD5 checksum: 251b0a94bdedcddc525cfd6e6d6b259b : verified SHA1 checksum: a68f9aa137e31c65f20766e1062b9e82fe347ecb : verified