We have to write the Report. The main file is: ECE345_Project Below are the codes and diagram 2. The MATLAB codes file is attached. 3. the diagram for the part C is also attached 4. The report f

1 Saginaw Valley State University Electromagnetic Fields , ECE 3 45 Fall 202 1 Project on Transmission Line and W ave Propagation Total points: 100 Submission deadline: December 9, 202 1 Part A : (i) Design a quarter wave transformer to eliminate reflection for 500 MHz for the following transmission line with = 75 Ω and feedline characteristic impedance 03 = 100 Ω and 01 = 100 Ω ohm, and 1= 1.6 . (25 pts) Figure 1. Transmission lines with quarter a wave transformer . (ii) Write down a MATLAB code to show the variation of reflection co -efficient if 1varies from 0.6m to 1.8m. What can you conclude from the results? (10 pts) Part B: (i) As shown in Figure 2 , a load of = 70 Ω is connected to a 01 = 100 Ω transmission line. Inser t a shunt shorted stub to eliminate reflection towards the sending end of the line. Specify the location 1 and the length of the shorted stub? Given that f=500 MHz. Use Smith chart for solution. (25 pt s) (ii) Write down a MATLAB code to show the reflection variation in the feed line for 1 varying from 0. 1m to 1.6m. Show the result. (10 pts) 2 Figure 2. Transmission lines with shorted shunt stub. (iii) Both Part A and Part B intend to solve reflection issue on the transmission line. If you are given a choice to pick one of the methods, which one will you choose? Explain your rationale. (5 pts) Part C: Given that the electric field intensity of an electromagnetic wave is (,)= ̂10 ( − )V/m. The frequency of the wave is 500 M Hz . Th e wave is propagating through a nonconducting medi um with = 9 and = . (i) Determin e the associated magnetic field in tensity H . (15 pts) (ii) Find the valu e of k , the wave velocity, and the wavelength of the wave . (5 pts) (iii) At t= 2s , draw both the electric field intensity E and ma gnetic field intensity H on same z axis. (5 pts) Report : (I) Write down the report with the format as given in the file uploaded. (II) Include all the drawing and results of Part A, B and C . (III) When appropriate , show the derivation. (IV) Include the Smith Chart solution and codes . (V) Answer all the questions of Part A, B and C . Special Instruction: (a) You can simulate the transmission line problems by using online M ATLAB provided by SVSU. (b) The project can be completed by one or two members. If two members, then each member needs to mention the part of the work that t he member accomplished . (c) The report can be uploaded in canvas.