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Instructor: Tamar Harris English 102: Assignment Sheet for Final Essay (Signature Assignment) Due date: December 12, 23:50 (10% penalty for each day late) W eight: 30% Length: 1000-1500 words Submission: W ord or PDF , via Portal Penalties: 10% per day late or per email submission Plagiarism may result in a mark of 0 Instructions ● W rite a research paper about a subtopic related to: ○ Education in Canada ○ Education in your country ○ Immigration to Canada ● Use at least 5 sources, including 3 academic/scholarly sources ● The most frequent problem that students have with this assignment is allowing the sources to take over the essay and failing to explain the information from the sources and how it relates to other sources and especially to their own thesis. ● Y ou should use quotes, paraphrases, and summaries in every body paragraph ● Be careful to properly credit and cite all IDEAS, WORDS, and F ACTS that come from outside sources. Accidental plagiarism is another frequent problem that students have with this assignment. More on plagiarism consequences soon. ● Use APA style ● Use the work you have done already , including the Annotated Bibliography and the Class Presentation Grading standards ● Organization of ideas (Thesis, Topic Sentences, well-developed paragraphs) ○ Outlines help with this! ● Use of research to support your ideas (appropriate summaries, paraphrases, direct quotes in all body paragraphs) ● Clear and correct English - use Grammarly Premium (free for UCW students) ○ AP A citation and formatting style Final Reminder: Plagiarism will result in severe penalties, including a mark of 0. 1