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English is a wonderful subject to study but it is also very difficult to meet all the academic requirements. English is a compulsory and complicated subject, which every student has to master. If you are looking for someone to edit a thesis statement or facing difficulties with English either need an explanation of a grammar question, our team is ready to provide English homework help.

The team consists of English tutors with profound knowledge of subject and outstanding writing skills. They can solve your English problems and answer all the questions easily. We can help in such areas as poetry, literature, grammar, books analysis, myths, dissertations, academic writing, world literature, evaluation essays, literary journals, analytical essays, critical essays, persuasive essays, essays reviews, analysis of a book, writing essays, expository essays and argumentative essays.

Our services are useful in various cases. For example, when you want to prepare to the English final exam and complete essays or if you want to improve grammar and vocabulary in order to get an excellent score for your English classes.

Our tutors can also help to dive into the world of literature and cope with creative writing questions. Students often do not have enough experience and skills to complete the writing tasks but our experts do. Just turn to us and we will solve your English homework.

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  • Waiting for answer Persuasive Memo: one page

    Persuasive Memo: Customer Service Seminar The context: You are the manager of Sports Solutions, a major sporting store in Phoenix. Since excellent customer service skills are essential to the profitability of your store, you are seeking funding from headquarters for a two-day customer service semin...

  • Waiting for answer health home work

               3.     1-Name two personal attributes that can often interfere with acceptance of self and others. 9.        2- From Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s work on the elements of “Flow”, we discussed the concept  of being so deeply involved or absorbed by an activity that we seem to loose the sense...

  • Waiting for answer Looking for someone who has read Inherit the Wind

    Inherit The Wind R.A.F.T. assignment. Role: Rachel Audience: Self Format: Journal/Diary Topic: What does this character strongly believe in, what situation is she in, How did they get in this situation, How does this character feel about the other characters, if others were asked to describe this ch...

  • Waiting for answer english 1

    Using your thesis statement and research, present the problem that needs to be addressed with your proposed solution. Note: Your solution, advantages, and challenges, will be in Parts 2 and 3. Write a three to four (3-4) page paper in which you: Provide an appropriate title and an interesting openin...

  • Waiting for answer one page assigment

    add one page of some extra examples of the words classy and the word cool on project number 2  where is highlited with red  the paper  is attached do not touch anything else

  • Waiting for answer NExt

    Choose a topic that you know it well, something you have experienced and know enough about to write a Rogerian essay the structure for the Rogerian argument:  ·         Introduction ·         Background ·         Side A ·         Side B ·         Compromise Common Ground ·         Conclusion Your i...

  • Waiting for answer Answer the case study question

    Please read all the requirement, and do not plagiarism, less grammar errors, be creative, organize, and good content. You can use simple words but it need to be very clear and understandable.NO plagiarism,  dont need to be perfect but must follow all the rules. Read the case study, and answer the...

  • Waiting for answer Depression on college students

    I need a 5 paragraph paper on depression on college students. The word count doesnt matter. It will be MLA format as well. I need a "they say, i say" thesis. For example "researchers say ..., but i say...." i need this done by 7am tomorrow. I know that its late notice but i really need this done. Th...

  • Waiting for answer Research Design Paper Week

    MUST BE NEW AND ORIGINAL WORK NOT GIVEN TO OTHER STUDENTS.  Write in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in the accurate representation and attribution of sources; and display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Include citations in the text and reference...

  • Waiting for answer Plagiarism free 1000 words NEEDED ASAP


  • Waiting for answer Rey.Writer 1000 words

    Please submit your rough drafts here. Remember: rough drafts should be as complete an attempt at a final draft as possible, and should contain in-text citations  and a Works Cited  page in MLA format .

  • Waiting for answer English Homework Help

    Grammar Assessment The purpose of this assignment is to (1) come to a greater awareness of writing strengths weaknesses, and (2) create a list of grammar/sentence structure/punctuation rules that can be used as a quick reference tool. On the due date you will submit the following: 1.     The list...

  • Waiting for answer need help for ethical issues homework

    need help finding the ethical issues from a converstion that is uploaded in the file and the required questions uploaded as well the homework needed to for two different copies.

  • Waiting for answer ??

    http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=dying+to+be+thin view=detail mid=D4F471FEBAF4D29FCCFAD4F471FEBAF4D29FCCFA FORM=VRDGAR this is the link

  • Waiting for answer questions

    1.A researcher computed the F ratio for a four-group experiment. The computed F is 4.86. The degrees of freedom are 3 for the numerator and 16 for the denominator. Is the computed value of F significant at p .05? Explain. Is it significant at p .01? Explain 2. Explain the difference between a t...

  • Waiting for answer ??

    http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=dying+to+be+thin view=detail mid=D4F471FEBAF4D29FCCFAD4F471FEBAF4D29FCCFA FORM=VRDGAR this is the link 

  • Waiting for answer summary

    Complete this handout before you turn in summary:  Questions to ask and answer  Your summary paper A filled in copy of the template (info, summary, insights, glitches, holes, takeaways, snippets) to analyze your article. the question to as and answer is attached in a word document. and a copy of t...

  • Waiting for answer english

    As you read a classmate’s paper, address these criteria: Identify the course, assignment, and date. Provide positive feedback, where appropriate, on the criteria. Identify areas for improvement, where appropriate, and recommend improvements.   The specific course learning outcomes associated with...

  • Waiting for answer The Writing Process Part 2 and Writing Skills: A Personal Na...

    This is for a writing process 2 test :Examination Questions 1. Write a composition using  one of the topics listed below. Your composition needs to be  three to five paragraphs long.  It must contain an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. a. Argue for or against the limitation of speed limits. b...

  • Waiting for answer Statement of Purpose for Summer Filmmaking program

    Statement of Purpose below. Specific information on your program's Statement of Purpose requirements is available in the Application Instructions section. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY

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