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Statistical analysis may sound like rocket science for some students. Indeed, statistics is quite a complicated discipline that studies correlations, deviations, analysis and interpretation of data. If you think that you aren’t going to use statistical knowledge, think again.

An impressive range of disciplines like physics, biology, sociology, marketing, economics, finance and even psychology heavily rely on statistical research. They need statistical reports to enhance the credibility of the claims or prove some hypothesis or business model.

Therefore, many scholars and professionals often search for statisticians who are capable of analyzing and interpreting some data for them. You can save much time, effort and money in the future, if you manage to grab the basics of stats today. In case you are struggling with your statistics homework, we are here for you. Our team of qualified statistic tutors can be approached online to assist you with any assignment.

They can run data analysis of all types utilizing any statistical software. The grades for your task will wow all your classmates. Furthermore, whenever you cannot understand any concept, you are welcome to refer to our tutor services to get statistic homework help or special study guides developed by our professionals.

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  • Answered Statistics Decision making

    In a poll, adult men aged 25-35 were asked, "If you go bald, will you consider hair transplant if you can afford it?" Thirty percent of them said, "Definitely." Suppose this result is true for the current population of adult men aged 25-35. A random sample of 15 adult men aged 25-35 is selected.  U...

  • Waiting for answer Health care

    Given the assumptions above, determine the computation method that will be most beneficial to the manager in evaluating the use of the organization’s money. In other words, is present value analysis the best method in the scenario?

  • Waiting for answer Minimum Variance Portfolio and Tangent Portfolio Constructio...

    Must be done on excel.

  • Waiting for answer Minimum Variance Portfolio and Tangent Portfolio Constructio...

    Must be done on excel. Please send a preview of problem 1. Want to see that you understand what do. Than i will select you to do the assignment. 

  • Waiting for answer Minimum Variance Portfolio and Tangent Portfolio Constructio...

    Must be done on excel. 

  • Answered $75 Business Statistics Homework

    - Needs completed in 12 hours, questions are in screenshot files with excel as a number bank - Keep in contact with me throughout the process - Need 75% on assignment

  • Waiting for answer Business Statistics Homework Questions

    Answer the questions that are in the screenshot files with the excel file as a number/info bank - must be done in 12 hours. - Need at least 80% on exam - if you are not confident, don't bother. - Must keep in contact with me throughout entire process. - Open to offers $$$

  • Answered Suppose that the percentage annual return you obt

    Suppose that the percentage annual return you obtain when you invest a dollar in gold or the stock market is dependent on the general state of the national economy as indicated below. For example, the probability that the economy will be in "boom" state is 0.15. In this case, if you invest in the st...

  • Answered Homework Assignment


  • Answered stat. assignmet

    I need answer of Q 3 for this assignmet  

  • Answered Case Study: MBA Schools in Asia-Pacific

    Prepare a 1,050-word managerial report for your boss. Use the following questions for guidelines and directions on what to include in the report: What is the type of data (Quantitative or Qualitative) for each of the columns (variables) in the dataset? If quantitative, is the data discrete or cont...

  • Answered Statistics Concepts and Descriptive Measures

    Answer each of the following in a total of 90 words: For each column, identify whether the data is qualitative or quantitative. Identify the level of measurement for the data in each column. For each column containing quantitative data:Evaluate the mean and median Interpret the mean and median in p...

  • Answered Profit or loss

    A business man sold two machines for ₹ 5500 each. On one machine he gain 10% and on another he suffered a loss of 10% . Find out cost of each machine ?

  • Answered Homework Assignment


  • Waiting for answer Homework Assignment


  • Answered Statistics Assignments and Discussion questions

    I need help with assignments and discussion questions from following text book. Text book for reference Statistics for Nursing Research: A Workbook for Evidence-Based Practice Grove, S. K., Cipher, D. J. (2016). Statistics for nursing research: A workbook for evidence-based practice  (2nd ed.)....

  • Waiting for answer Homework Assignment


  • Answered Variance equality and examples

    Lecture Six introduces you to the F-test for variance equality. Last week, we discussed how adding a variation measure to reports of means was a smart thing to do. Why does variation make our analysis of the equal pay for equal work question more complicated?  What causes of variation impact salary...

  • Answered Quiz to be completed

    QUESTION 1 Correlation coefficient r quantifies linear relationship with a number between a. −1 and 1. b. Negative to positive infinity c. 0 to 1 d. 0 to infinity 0.67 points    QUESTION 2 When all points fall on a line with an upward slope, r = ? a. 1. b. 0. c. -1 d. Indeterminate 0.67 points  ...

  • Answered Statistics- Confidence Interval and Margin Error

    Assume that a sample is used to estimate a population proportion p. Find the margin of error E that corresponds to the given statistics and confidence level. Round the margin of error to four decimal places. 98% confidence; the sample size is 800, of which 40% are successes Use the given degree of c...

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