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Statistical analysis may sound like rocket science for some students. Indeed, statistics is quite a complicated discipline that studies correlations, deviations, analysis and interpretation of data. If you think that you aren’t going to use statistical knowledge, think again.

An impressive range of disciplines like physics, biology, sociology, marketing, economics, finance and even psychology heavily rely on statistical research. They need statistical reports to enhance the credibility of the claims or prove some hypothesis or business model.

Therefore, many scholars and professionals often search for statisticians who are capable of analyzing and interpreting some data for them. You can save much time, effort and money in the future, if you manage to grab the basics of stats today. In case you are struggling with your statistics homework, we are here for you. Our team of qualified statistic tutors can be approached online to assist you with any assignment.

They can run data analysis of all types utilizing any statistical software. The grades for your task will wow all your classmates. Furthermore, whenever you cannot understand any concept, you are welcome to refer to our tutor services to get statistic homework help or special study guides developed by our professionals.

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  • Waiting for answer High-Stakes Assessment: Evaluating Research Hypotheses

    For this assignment, you will be putting your knowledge of both basic and advanced statistical analyses to the test. You will be given a series of research hypotheses and will be asked to evaluate each hypothesis. Research Situation 1 Researchers were interested in examining whether yoga was more ef...

  • Answered Discriminant Analysis in Literature

    Locate a research article on a topic of interest that analyzes results using discriminant analysis . A good search strategy is to use the keywords "discriminant analysis" in quotes and then to include a topic keyword of interest, such as "self-esteem." In the assignment, you will describe the genera...

  • Waiting for answer Comparing Discriminant Analysis to MANOVA

    In this discussion, you will examine the difference between the MANOVA and discriminant approaches to analyzing variables. In your examination of MANOVAs, you learned how experimental designs that measure more than one DV can be analyzed in a single analysis using this MANOVA approach. However, what...

  • Answered Discussion Assignment

    Given your interest in both purchase intentions and purchase behavior, do you expect the two dependent variables to share a relationship? What type of relationship between dependent variables is best served by a MANOVA?

  • Waiting for answer social science statistics

    A Word Processing Program to type up your final report (e.g., Microsoft Word). The data analysis program SPSS. For more information, read the following page: SPSS Resources DATA FILE  from the class survey: STA2122_Global_Survey_FA2017_Proj2.sav   (right click and save the file)This is a data file...

  • Answered Discussion Assignment

    Indeed, one of the main criticisms of using multiple ANOVAs to test multiple independent variables is that we increase the risk of committing type I errors. That said, I would also point out that MANOVAs require more power than ANOVAs do making it harder to find significant effects. In other words,...

  • Waiting for answer question to be graded exercise 14 and 19

    Complete Exercises 14 and 19 in Statistics for Nursing Research: A Workbook for Evidence-Based Practice,  and submit as directed by the instructor.

  • Waiting for answer Quantitative Survey analysis

    Students are to choose two States or Territories and analyse the data accordingly:The written component of this assessment must be a maximum of 1200 words. Introduction (15% of marks) - A brief introduction to what this project is about and a general description of what the data is about. In our des...

  • Waiting for answer Statistics

    The mean number of hours spent per day on the computer according to a national survey is six hours, with a standard deviation of 2.5 hours. If each time was increased by 1.5 hours, what would be the new mean and standard deviation?

  • Waiting for answer Statistic

     you will create an interesting problem using the binomial probability formula. You must make up the situation yourself (no finding problems on the internet or elsewhere). In fact, your classmates and I must be entertained. It must also satisfy these conditions: Your n (number of trials) must be bet...

  • Answered Statistic

     you will create an interesting problem using the binomial probability formula. You must make up the situation yourself (no finding problems on the internet or elsewhere). In fact, your classmates and I must be entertained. It must also satisfy these conditions: Your n (number of trials) must be bet...

  • Answered Comparing MANOVA to Multiple ANOVAs

    In this assignment, you will discuss the problems associated with conducting multiple univariate ANOVA when compared to conducting a single MANOVA. Researchers are often faced with research situations that require testing multiple DVs. Just as conducting multiple t-tests is problematic when we have...

  • Answered Discussion Assignment

    Under what circumstances would a researcher be particularly concerned about a failure of random assignment? Cite all sources in APA format.

  • Answered statistics

    Please find the attached questions 

  • Answered Applying ANOVAS

    This week, you are focusing on research designs that require the use of ANOVA for testing research hypotheses. You will be introduced to the concept of controlling for preexisting conditions. For example, if you were interested in knowing whether a new health program was effective in improving healt...

  • Waiting for answer mean and standard deviation

    if i have a mean of 60 and a standard deviation of 12 on test scores but want to add a 15pt curve what is my new mena and standard deviation?

  • Waiting for answer Univ of Phoenix QNT561 Applied Business Research (Statistics...

    How much for a completed spreadsheet and essay for the Week 6 Signature Assignment?

  • Waiting for answer minitab required for two solutions in 6 hours,,,i attached a...

    one The Small Business Administration (SBA) wishes to estimate the mean annual sales of companies that employ fewer than 20 persons. Historical data suggest that the standard deviation of annual sales of such companies is about $5500 (a) If the SB A wants to estimate mean annual sales to within $10...

  • Answered Interpreting the MANOVA

    For this assignment, you are provided with the results of a MANOVA and the associated hypothesis that was tested in the analysis. You are to evaluate the output of the MANOVA that was conducted using Minitab to test the hypothesis provided. Next, you will provide an interpretation of the Minitab out...

  • Answered Computing and Interpreting ANOVAs

    In this assignment, you are provided with example of data output from a two-way ANOVA, as well as with data output from a one-way ANCOVA.  You will interpret the results of the Two-way ANOVA, followed by an interpretation of the results of the more focused one-way ANCOVA that has been provided for y...

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