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  • Answered Can you show me the steps to v...
    Can you show me the steps to verifying this trigonometric identity? (secx+cscx)/(1+tanx)=cscx
  • Waiting for answer Point chosen; (-1,7) X-axis:...
    Point chosen; (-1,7) X-axis: Y-axis Origin: Liney=x: Line y= -x
  • Answered The power P obtained from a wi...
    The power P obtained from a windmill is directly proportional to the cube of the wind speed s. a) Write an equation that expresses this variation. b) Find the constant of proportionality for a windmill that produces 96 watts of power when the wind is blowing at 20 mi/hr. c) How much power will t...
  • Answered I need help with symmetry work...
    I need help with symmetry worksheet
  • Answered From the top of a building a p...
    From the top of a building a person spots two boats out on the lake. The angle of depression from the person to one of the boats is 54 degrees, the angle of depression from the person to the other boat is 31 degrees. How far apart are the boats if the person is 35 meters above the ground?

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