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Geology is a science concerned with exploration of the Earth’s solid areas and structures, studies of tectonic processes of the past and present and with predicting the possible tectonic shifts or collisions in the future. Geology belongs to a broader area of the Earth sciences and together with Geography helps to understand better the natural territorial limitations under which we live today and what can be done to prevent essential harm being caused to the depths of the planet by future human activity.

It helps to learn how the rock and sedimentary layers are formed, how fast they can recover after humans conduct extracting activities and what is the reasonable limit to natural resources mining so that natural catastrophes like earthquakes or landslides did not follow in tow. Geology explores not only the Earth but the solid elements of any celestial object, be it the Moon, the tiny Pluto or a fly-by asteroid and remains one of the most fascinating and far-reaching disciplines.

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