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  • Answered equations
    how do you solve multi-step equations
  • Waiting for answer graph the system of linear ine...
    y > -3 y > 5x
  • Answered math
    What are the length, width, and height of the prism if the volume is 3x3 + 9x2 + 6x
  • Answered ALGEBRA
    2X+2=8 WHAT IS X?
  • Answered If y varies directly with x
    If y=7 when x=-14 find y when x=3
  • Waiting for answer Pre algebra
    I need help
  • Answered How do you solve the algebra q...
    12-7 times the sq.root of x-5 = 4
  • Waiting for answer parameter m
    2x^2+mx-1=0 for x1=3/2
  • Waiting for answer Algebra math
    Well actually I have two questions .... First how do you" estimate the corridinates of each turning point and state whether each corresponds to a local maximum or a local minimum . Then estimate all real zeros and determine the least degree the function can have ".... Lol the second question is " us...
  • Waiting for answer What did bonzo say when he saw...
    2t - 12 - 3t = 60
  • Waiting for answer 3(7-2x) -5(4y-3)i=x-2(1+y)i
    Find the real values of x and y in the following equation using the fact that if a+bi= c+di, than a=c and b=d.
  • Answered find the slope given two point
    i dont understand it at all its too confusing for me
  • Waiting for answer Let v⃗ 1=⎡⎣⎢21−1⎤⎦⎥,v⃗ 2=⎡⎣⎢−...
    How can i solve it, solution please
  • Answered Integration
    What is the integration of x square
  • Answered trick
  • Answered Math Problem
    A person expends $240 in the purchase of wheat. If he had paid 20 cents a bushel less he could have obtained 100 bushels more for the same money. How many bushels did he buy?
  • Answered algebra word problem
    The cost to join a minor hockey team in Mississauga is $120.00 per player. Each player must pay an additional $5.00 for each practice. What is the cost for the first 2 months given they practice once a week? 1)Create a table of values to represent the information 2) Create an algebraic equa...
  • Answered Y intercepts
  • Answered I need an explanation of how t...
    The directions are " Solve each equation by using the Square Root Property. Round to the nearest hundredth if necessary." The problem is 4x^2 + 12x + 9 = 4
  • Waiting for answer Write two word phrases for eac...
  • Waiting for answer The quadratic expression x to...
    The quadratic expression x to the second power minus 8x plus 10 has its smallest value for some integer value of x on the interval 0 less than or equal to X less than or equal to 10 set up a table to find the smallest value of the expression and the value of X that gives this value so your table bel...
  • Answered f(x)=-x+4
  • Answered What is the input
    What is the input
  • Waiting for answer Find a polynomial function of...
    Find a polynomial function of least degree having only real​ coefficients, a leading coefficient of​ 1, and zeros of 2 and 3+i.
  • Answered (2-1)y=-2X+1
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Along with geometry, number theory, and analysis, algebra belongs to the most intricate fields in mathematics. Generally speaking, algebra deals with reading and manipulating mathematical symbols. As a unifying subject for almost every mathematical field, algebra comprises everything from solving elementary equations to studying abstractions: fields, groups, and rings.

The elemental parts of algebra are referred to as elementary algebra, while more complex parts are called modern algebra or abstract algebra. Excellent knowledge of elementary algebra is compulsory for advancing in every field of science, including engineering, medicine, and economics.

Abstract algebra makes up a large part of advanced mathematics, which is mostly researched by professional mechanics. Thanks to the growing number of applications of algebra in every imaginable field of science, algebra has significantly grown in importance not just for scholars, but also for students.

If you want to advance in your favorite science subject, but the only thing keeping you from achieving your goals is having trouble understanding the concepts or mechanisms of algebra, our tutors are always here to help you.

With expert knowledge in every field of algebra, our team of qualified tutors is available 24/7 to provide you with Algebra homework help from simple equations to multiplying matrices.

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