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  • Answered 117-5r for r =9
    117-5r for r =9
  • Answered Math equation with parenthesis...
    Math equation with parenthesis,exponents,multiplication,and subtraction/addition that equals 831
  • Answered Given that point (x,y) is on t...
    Given that point (x,y) is on the graph of y=square root of x +3, express the distance from (-10,3) to (x,y) as a function of x.
  • Answered x^2=-8
  • Answered its really hard
    Brandon went to a Formula One car race and used his stopwatch to time how fast his favorite driver, Fernando Alonso, went around the 4.7-kilometer track. Brandon started the timer at the beginning of the second lap, when the cars were already going fast. When he stopped the timer at the beginning o...
  • Answered For this problem you need to d...
    For this problem you need to determine the correct height of a flagpole large enough to support the Star Spangled Banner flag that flies over Fort. McHenry. This flag is 30 by 42 feet in size. (We know that the ratio of the width of any flag to the height of a flagpole is 1 to 4.) a. How tall wil...
  • Waiting for answer Acc
    our second assignment requires you to utilize WACC As to choose the best investment given the following criteria: Requirement 1. The project only lasts five years. Requirement 2. You must finance the project by an equal split between debt and equity funding. Requirement 3. The project wi...
  • Waiting for answer Data Mining and Analytical Tec...
    The purpose of the Session Long Project in Trident University classes is to give you the opportunity to explore the applicability of the Module to your own life, work, and place in space and time, and to experiment with the Module to see how the otherwise academically rigorous presentation of a topi...
  • Answered algebra
    If x + 1/x = 2 and x is real, then the value of x17 + 1/x19 is A) 1 B) 0 C) 2 D) -2
  • Waiting for answer it's 11:45 and I have a trig r...
    it's 11:45 and I have a trig regents in 8 hours and I don't remember a lot of what I learned bc I had a really bad teacher and I don't even know what to study please help
  • Answered how do you solve number 7 on t...
    how do you solve number 7 on the january 2015 algebra 1 regent?
  • Waiting for answer I need help passing MATH 97 fi...
    I need help passing MATH 97 final test tomorrow.. please help me out
  • Answered need help with a live math exa...
    need help with a math exam ?
  • Answered maths
    If a=7-4root 3 then find the value of toot a +1/root a
  • Answered At a professional basketball g...
    At a professional basketball game reserve seats cost $10 and general admission seats cost $6. If 17406 people attended the game at a total cost of $ 133372 how many general seats were purchased?
  • Answered Pattern 1 has 3 sticks Patter...
    Pattern 1 has 3 sticks Pattern 2 has 5 sticks Pattern 3 has 7 sticks Pattern 4 has 9 sticks Find in terms of n, an expression for the number of sticks in the nth pattern
  • Answered if i have a house that is $175...
    if i have a house that is $175,000 and get a loan at 5% for 30 years, what is the monthly payment, how much did i pay, in order to pay off my mortgage, and how much of this total was interest?
  • Answered Algebra
    Fiona deposited $900 in the bank over 2 years. She earned $60 in simple interest at the end of 2 years. What was the annual interest rate?
  • Answered Solving polynomial equation
    what is the root of the polynomial equation x(x-2)(x+3)=18
  • Answered bearing
    An aeroplane x whose average speed is 500km/hr leave Kano airport at 7:00am and travel for 2hrs on a bearing then changes course and flies on a bearing 120 to an air strip A. Another aeroplane Y leave Kano airport at 10:00am and flies on a straight course to the air strip A at 11:30am calcula...
  • Answered need work done in time
    what is 2x+4-3=9
  • Waiting for answer Solve the following questions
    Solve the attached questions
  • Answered Help
    What is 2(a+3)=-12
  • Answered MATH
    A rectangular stained glass window is 2 feet by 4 feet. A clear glass border is constructed around the stained glass window. The width of the border is equal and was made out of 7 square feet of clear glass. What is the width of the border?
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