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  • Answered Science

    A 2-kg bowling ball is 1 meter off the ground on a post when it falls. Just before it reaches the ground, it is traveling 4.4 m/s. Assuming that there is no air resistance, which statement is true?

  • Waiting for answer *2, 3, 6.5, 17, ....., 167.5*

    *2, 3, 6.5, 17, ....., 167.5*

  • Answered WORD PROBLEM

    the distance between town A and B is 1000 kilometers. There are 3,000 apples in A and the apples have to be delivered to B. the available car take 1,000 at most. the car driver has develop an addiction to apples: when he has apples aboard, he eats one (1) apple with each kilometer made. Figure out t...

  • Answered Algebra with percentage

    Gerard spent 40% on his savings on a wardrobe and 30% of the remainder on a Samsung galaxy note 2. If Gerard's savings was $50b at first, how much money had he left? Express your answer in terms of b.

  • Answered Adicion formula


  • Answered true and false

    The ratio is represented by the symbol ":"

  • Answered Direction Variation

    if y varies directly as x, what is the value of y in these ordered pairs? (5,8) and (10,y)



  • Answered Factoring Polynomials

    I can't stand them. Help!

  • Waiting for answer الجبرا

    جئب دئا نے ایک کتاب کھہولی تو اس کے سامنے دو صفحات تھے اگر صفحے کے نمبروں کا مجموعہ 155ہو تو صفحات کے نمبر کون سے تھے ؟

  • Answered Matrix

    A=[2 3] then A²-4A+7I=0

  • Answered Sum

    The sum of x and y divided by the sum of their squares

  • Answered algebra

    dean found that an anti vI rushed program on his personal computer scan 224 megabytes of data in 8 seconds. an update to the program advertises a new rate of 33 megabytes per second. how much faster is the anti virus program after the update

  • Answered math word problem (sorry it is kind of a lot)

    The construction of the American railroad system is one of the country's greatest technological achievements. Between the years 1840-1890, about 161,200 miles of track were built, literally "paving the way" for economic progress and land expansion. The table shows the miles of railroad track built f...

  • Answered equations

    how do you solve multi-step equations

  • Waiting for answer graph the system of linear inequalities

    y -3 y 5x

  • Answered math

    What are the length, width, and height of the prism if the volume is 3x3 + 9x2 + 6x

  • Answered ALGEBRA

    2X+2=8 WHAT IS X?

  • Answered If y varies directly with x

    If y=7 when x=-14 find y when x=3

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