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  • Waiting for answer Find the area of a regular 7-gon. The apothem equals 29.1 ft...

    I have to find the area using the apothem and length of a side 

  • Waiting for answer solve a quadratic equation using the Zero Product Property,...

    Writing in Math Use the information on page 273 to explain how to solve a quadratic equation using the Zero Product Property. Explain why you cannot solve x(x + 5) = 24 by solving x = 24 and x + 5 = 24. 

  • Waiting for answer The biological names of all species within kingdom monera, a...

    can you please write the biological names of all species within kingdom monera. Be able to come up with clear and correctly labeled diagrams

  • Waiting for answer circumferences, inequalities, factoring, math homework help

    Need answers showing work

  • Answered Slope

    If. f1(x)=3·x Then what is the equation of the new line if you double the slope of f(x)?g(x)=___________________

  • Answered Math homework

    Whats is the slope to y=12-5X

  • Waiting for answer Algebra Limit

    Number one , count this limit?Nunber two, find a,b, c?

  • Answered 2300/28 - 2300/32

    2300/28 - 2300/32

  • Waiting for answer Draw and use a number line to help keep track of the order a...

    3 Screws 3/32” x 4” long4 Hex bolts 1.5” x 4” long1 Screw 7/16” x 3” long1 Screw 3/4” x 2” long16 Screws 3/8” x 2” long6 Hex bolts 3 3/8” x 3” long 4 Hex bolts 1 7/8” x 4” long12 Screws 5/64” x 3” long1 Screw 1/2” x 3” long1 Hex bolt 2.25” x 2” long4 Hex bolts 3.75” x 3” long6 Screws 11/64” x 4”...

  • Answered Math

    Which of the following has the largest value? A . 4 -(-6)B. -4 - 6 C. -4 - (-6)D. 4 - 6

  • Answered simplify


  • Answered Subtract 17 from x

    Subtract 17 from x

  • Answered Simple and compound interest

    $34,100 at 4% for 3 years

  • Answered Science

    A 2-kg bowling ball is 1 meter off the ground on a post when it falls. Just before it reaches the ground, it is traveling 4.4 m/s. Assuming that there is no air resistance, which statement is true?

  • Waiting for answer *2, 3, 6.5, 17, ....., 167.5*

    *2, 3, 6.5, 17, ....., 167.5*

  • Answered WORD PROBLEM

    the distance between town A and B is 1000 kilometers. There are 3,000 apples in A and the apples have to be delivered to B. the available car take 1,000 at most. the car driver has develop an addiction to apples: when he has apples aboard, he eats one (1) apple with each kilometer made. Figure out t...

  • Answered Algebra with percentage

    Gerard spent 40% on his savings on a wardrobe and 30% of the remainder on a Samsung galaxy note 2. If Gerard's savings was $50b at first, how much money had he left? Express your answer in terms of b.

  • Answered Adicion formula


  • Answered true and false

    The ratio is represented by the symbol ":"

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