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Chemistry is a fascinating subject that is based on numerous concepts, such as chemical bonding, thermodynamics, atomic models, solid state, electrochemistry, solutions, chemical kinetics, IUPAC naming, and so on.

With such a wide range of chemistry concepts sometimes you need to get Chemistry homework help from a tutor to give you a better understanding of how chemistry works, and that’s exactly what you’ll get at our company. What’s unique in chemistry is that every subject chemistry deals with has both a basic idea and complex structure.

For example, understanding the IUPAC naming rules for organic compounds is not possible without knowing what organic compounds are and what structure they have.

Due to this multi-level complexity, chemistry might be challenging and even intimidating, but with assistance from a chemistry expert you will have no difficulties in understanding and applying chemistry concepts. Our experienced chemistry tutors are available 24/7 to help you solve any problem concerning chemistry, from basic concepts to more complicated tasks.

To get help all you need to do is inform us of your chemistry assignment on molecular structure, chemical reactions, atomic theory, chemical equilibrium, oxidation reduction, polymerization, or any other topic, and wait for the best available tutor to assist you in any way you need.

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  • Waiting for answer Chemistry lab report (OBSERVING CHEMICAL REACTIONS/WRITING C...

    First of all I have done this lab before but I need you to edit it following the rubric exactly. My prof wants same as rubric. -I have attached all the pages from the manual book for this experimint (from lab1-lab3). . (FOLLOW THE RUBRIC Exactly) - Also there is the observation sheet from class.

  • Answered Chemistry problem

    What pressure would it take to compresz 350. L of helium gas initially at 1.00 atm into a 2.09 L tank at a constant temperature? 

  • Answered If an atom has a mass number of 4 and has 2 proto

    If an atom has a mass number of 4 and has 2 protons, how many neutrons will it have? How do you know?

  • Waiting for answer DNA Paper

    Prepare  a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you analyze the effects of ionizing radiation on DNA to provide a chemical reason as to why this might cause cancer. Include the following items: Describe alpha, beta, and gamma radiation. Describe the chemistry of DNA. Explain the effects of radiation on...

  • Answered law of chemicAl combination

    Describe the experimentation to proof the laws of chemical combination

  • Answered Oxidation state

    4H2O2+Pbs=PbSO4+4H2O oxidation state

  • Waiting for answer Chemistry Lab Homework

    I have a chemistry Lab homework and I need Help with it and its easy stuff just I need calculation a number and everything in the picture that I posted

  • Waiting for answer Food dye lab report for chemistry class

    Hi,  I need a lab report for my classe  I have attached my notes so you can use them to write the lab report.  I have attached the Requirements and Rubric , please please follow them precicely.  ACS style for refrences.  Time is really imprtant!!  please review the attachments and make sure you...

  • Waiting for answer Discussion 3

    For this discussion, the patient for whom you wrote your transcript in the Week One Initial Call discussion has come to your office for a 15-minute initial assessment. As part of the intake process, you have asked the patient to fill out a biographical form that contains the same information include...

  • Waiting for answer chemistry lab reports who can do that in a few hours if yo...

    chemistry lab reports who can do that in a few hours if you ask for so much money save your time and dont come 

  • Waiting for answer Lab question

    There are two Lab questions, you should answer each questions in each lab. I am more prefer photos of each lab! Thank you very much!

  • Waiting for answer Lab question

    There are two Lab questions, you should answer each questions in each lab. I am more prefer photos of each lab! Thank you very much!

  • Waiting for answer parts of lab report

    I don't need a whole lab report, I just need the Data which I'll provide and the Calculations and the Result.

  • Answered Balancing Equations

    When sulfur thiosulfate reacts with hydrochloric acid, sodium chloride, water, sulfur and sulfur dioxide are formed. Write a balanced chemical equation for the reaction

  • Answered Using avagadro's number

    A raindrop has a mass of  and the Pacific Ocean has a mass of  7.08x10^20kg What is the mass of 1 mole if raindrop? How many moles of raindrops are in the pacific ocean?

  • Waiting for answer For A-Plus Writer

    Choose  one of the following to complete: Option 1: Create  an 8- to 10-slide presentation that should be 5 to 10 minutes in length. Please include detailed speaker notes, based on the Week 4 Persuasive Messages Part I Part II assignment. Apply  the four aspects of designing business presentations...

  • Waiting for answer Chemistry Exam

    I have chemistry exam, its timed, I have attached sample questions, if you very sure about A grade, send me handshake

  • Waiting for answer A student finds that 24.96g of water at 24.9 ºC (density= 0...

    A student finds that 24.96g of water at 24.9 ºC (density= 0.9971 g/cm3 ) is required to completely fill an empty flask. The water is removed and completely dried; granular solid copper weighing 51.24g is then added to the flask. With the copper present in the flask, it is found that 19.24g of water...

  • Answered Rate equation and order of a reaction.


  • Waiting for answer Immediately Required Work. Easy Language. No Plagiarism. 7-8...

    Students will submit an essay utilizing APA format for referencing sources. There will be a file in course documents with sources that may be referenced. The essay will address the model of Community Oriented Policing and how it can be used as an overall management philosophy for occupational safet...

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