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  • Waiting for answer Online homework

    I have online homework in Weily Plus, for organic chemistry 2 ..  If you think you can do it for me , send me a handshake.ONLY IF YOU ARE SPECIALIZED IN ORGANIC CHEMISTRY 

  • Waiting for answer hi

    Think_Vision W5- Importance of Vaccination Importance of Vaccination Mary's one year old daughter is due to be given the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) vaccine during her next visit to the doctor. Mary is upset and concerned because one of her friend's sons became ill after a similar vaccination...

  • Waiting for answer Chemistry

    If you have a degree with chemistry and good at it and wailing for help message me , please if you are not do not message me . thank you 

  • Waiting for answer Chemical engineering homework

    Hi,  I attached a basic Chemical engineering homework, please send me handshake after checking the howework and being able to solve it propley on time.  * some homework asks for labeling so do not for get to label  * it might not be obvious on the picture 

  • Waiting for answer Why isn't NH3 an Arrhenius base? And why isn't HCl (g) an Ar...

    According to Arrhenius theory an acid : is a compound that produces (H+) when in water. And it is said that one of the things against Arrhenius's theory is :- e.g:- in HCl (g) + NH3 ---- NH4Cl (HCl) is not an Arrhenius acid , because there are no ions. What I don't understand is : Did Arrhenius say...

  • Waiting for answer ANNUAL REPORTS

    Locate two annual reports on the Internet.  A good source is Report Watch  . Compare the style of the two reports.  Here are some questions to get you started: 1.  How do they use visuals to keep attention? 2.  What differences do you see in the letters from the CEOs? 3.  How do they present number-...

  • Waiting for answer calculate the mass of potassium carbonate needed to make 400...

    calculate the mass of potassium carbonate needed to make 400.0 mL of a 0.200 M solution of potassium carbonate

  • Waiting for answer Give the synthesis, physical and chemical properties and the...

    Give the synthesis, physical and chemical properties and the uses of the following: a. Alkane b. Alkene c. Alkyne d. Aromatic compound

  • Waiting for answer Long Division

    A Good Man is Hard to Find” by Flannery O'Connor  “The Lesson” by Toni Cade Bambara Using both short stories above . Identify and classify the major conflicts of their plots, identify the climax, and demonstrate which of the conflicts are resolved in the both short stories. 400 words min MLA FORMA...

  • Waiting for answer I need help to rewrite my lab report

    i need help to rewrite my lab report for parts that I got bad points on. So, I attached my orinal lab report and my lab notebook nots as well as the the paper where my teacher showed me where should I rewrite and make it a good report to be submit it for final draft.  i attached some of my lab instr...

  • Waiting for answer What is the final temperature of the mixture?

    An ice cube having a mass of 50 grams and an initial temperature of -10 degrees Celsius is placed in 400 grams of 40 degrees Celsius water. What is the final temperature of the mixture if the effects of the container can be neglected? Discuss your answer.

  • Waiting for answer Need entire assignment completed this is the link to the assignment. please show all work for how you got answers. thanks

  • Waiting for answer chemistry Online homework

    I am looking for someone to finish all my homeworks in the website and as soon as possible.(almost 10 chapters) 

  • Waiting for answer CHEMU8AS


  • Waiting for answer U7CSCHEM


  • Waiting for answer CHEMDBu8

    Please give your opinion on the storage of high level nuclear waste at the current nuclear power plants in this country. Do you think that we should open the Yucca Mountain facility? What alternatives are out there? What is your opinion of this course? What suggestions can you offer for improvement...

  • Waiting for answer Chemu7db

    To most people, a polymer is synonymous with plastic. Technically, there are many different types and uses of plastic. For this discussion board, let us narrow it down to plastic food containers. The most popular or controversial issue that has come up to date is regarding BPA (bisphenol A). BPA is...

  • Waiting for answer UNIT VIII

    Please read the next paragraph and follow the directions by writing a well-organized and researched five- to seven-page paper related to building construction topics discussed throughout this course. Your paper must contain at least five Internet sources in addition to professional journal articles...

  • Waiting for answer I NEED THIS TODAY PLEASE

        I have 12 questions that needs to be answer. SHORT ANSWERS PLEASE 1. What are some of the challenges that could arise from setting up a file management system on a computer? 2. Why is a specific naming convention important in regards to your file management system? 3. Why is it important to have...

  • Waiting for answer NMR analysis

    I need help doing a NMR analysis. I have included instructions on what to include and the NMR data to write on when doing the analysis. The lab was called Multi-Step Synthesis of Stilbene Oxide. I have included instructions and then the graphs to do analysis on.

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