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  • Waiting for answer Need entire assignment completed this is the link to the assignment. please show all work for how you got answers. thanks

  • Waiting for answer chemistry Online homework

    I am looking for someone to finish all my homeworks in the website and as soon as possible.(almost 10 chapters) 

  • Waiting for answer CHEMU8AS


  • Waiting for answer U7CSCHEM


  • Waiting for answer CHEMDBu8

    Please give your opinion on the storage of high level nuclear waste at the current nuclear power plants in this country. Do you think that we should open the Yucca Mountain facility? What alternatives are out there? What is your opinion of this course? What suggestions can you offer for improvement...

  • Waiting for answer Chemu7db

    To most people, a polymer is synonymous with plastic. Technically, there are many different types and uses of plastic. For this discussion board, let us narrow it down to plastic food containers. The most popular or controversial issue that has come up to date is regarding BPA (bisphenol A). BPA is...

  • Waiting for answer UNIT VIII

    Please read the next paragraph and follow the directions by writing a well-organized and researched five- to seven-page paper related to building construction topics discussed throughout this course. Your paper must contain at least five Internet sources in addition to professional journal articles...

  • Waiting for answer I NEED THIS TODAY PLEASE

        I have 12 questions that needs to be answer. SHORT ANSWERS PLEASE 1. What are some of the challenges that could arise from setting up a file management system on a computer? 2. Why is a specific naming convention important in regards to your file management system? 3. Why is it important to have...

  • Waiting for answer NMR analysis

    I need help doing a NMR analysis. I have included instructions on what to include and the NMR data to write on when doing the analysis. The lab was called Multi-Step Synthesis of Stilbene Oxide. I have included instructions and then the graphs to do analysis on.

  • Waiting for answer Chemistry Lab

    give real number for the lab and complete the whole report with the questions. There is another 2 pictures i will upload them after the tutor accept my offer

  • Waiting for answer answer the questions below

    #1 Throughout history there have been building collapses that have impacted not only the development of specific building codes and standards, but have also had an impact on the fire service. Please select one example of a building collapse that has occurred and discuss its impact on firefighter saf...

  • Waiting for answer chemistry flow chart help

    I need help making a flow chart for this lab. I have attached the lab info below to help. Read though that so you can accurately do the flow chart. Please follow the sample flow chart attached.

  • Waiting for answer stoichiometry table help

    Need help building 2 stoichometry tables with these two different equations. I ONLY HAVE 1 hour to finish this!! Please include what 2 molar NBS would be in the table!!

  • Waiting for answer Stoichiometry table help

    So I have a stoichiometry table complete but I need to know what a 2 molar equivalent of NBS would be for this lab. It should be in the stoichiometry table, but the person I had provide that information didn't include what a 2 molar equivalent of NBS would be. Attached is the unfinished stoichiome...

  • Waiting for answer INteractions of Hazardous Materials

    According to the American Petroleum Institute (API), hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and horizontal drilling are unlocking vast U.S. reserves of oil and natural gas found in shale and other tight-rock formations. This fracking technology for the United States means security, economic growth, and job...

  • Waiting for answer Chem Research Paper

    Unit V Research Paper For this assignment, write about a hazardous materials incident or an environmental health and safety (EHS) project that involves a material(s) with a hazard(s) that falls under the hazard classification that we have studied so far (water/air reactive, corrosive, or toxic). The...

  • Waiting for answer Organic Chemistry Flow Chart Help

    I need help making a flow chart for this lab. I have attached the lab info below to help. Read though that so you can accurately do the flow chart

  • Waiting for answer Complete an in-depth comparative analysis of two policies de...

    Complete an in-depth comparative analysis of two policies developed on an issue. This can be a comparison across state policies on an issue, or a comparison of the evolution of a policy. Examples include drug policy, capital punishment, and domestic violence. Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® Po...

  • Waiting for answer please help me in my lab report for my organic chemistry lab

     I provided the guildline and some informtaion as well with a sample  of how the report should look like.  please follow it carefully and its 1-3 pages without th ecover page.  NOTE: the sample that I download it has been uploded in weird format, so plz look at the guidline to make sure. 

  • Waiting for answer I need this with in 3 hour

    The report clearly executes an experiment to see if pH affects the rate of a reaction and correctly explains the collection of the balloon's circumference. The tool list is accurate, including a tape measure, and the conclusion accurately confirms the hypothesis with well labeled data tables. The li...

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