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Physics is the subject that shares a knowledge essential to understand how the universe functions. It is an interesting field where new discoveries broaden the horizon of the mankind and the knowledge of people. Our service of online tutoring offers the possibility to immerse in Physics and to learn it in a deeper way.

Turning to the online Physics homework help, students can get the needed support to solve equations or to work on different kinds of experiments with any available physics specialist. We offer our help with recognizing and developing one’s academic potential and improving the required skills.

The peculiarity of Physics is that it is a fundamental study and requires ground understanding of the ideas and concepts that tend to help in solving the problems. Physics a science that provides us with knowledge about how the world around us functions. It develops analytical and quantitative skills that are necessary for data analysis and problems solving.

Because of this, students always need to practice and deepen their knowledge to be able to show good results during the exams. An intelligent Physics tutor providing help creates an outstanding atmosphere of support and understanding. Physics Help is a great online resource for students providing help to them.

Our service works with all the topics contained within Physics answers in various fields. We approach physical problems in a logical way and think over them thoroughly and independently. At the same time, we encourage students to keep their minds open. Students can receive complete explanations for diagrams, appropriate experiments and examples with relation to the topics. They are also able to get solved examples of specific problems related to different Physics sub-topics, and can alone work with formulas containing strange symbols.

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  • Waiting for answer What is the SI unit for density?The density of blood is 1.05...

    What is the SI unit for density? The density of blood is 1.05 kg/m3, find the mass of a bag of blood for a transfusion, if the volume is 2.0 m3. The density of oxygen is 1.43 x 10 -3 kg/m3. If a canister of oxygen has a mass of 0.2 kg, find the volume. Using the bone density of 2.0 kg/m3, calculate...

  • Waiting for answer The density of oxygen is 1.43 x 10 -3 kg/m3. If a canister o...

    The density of oxygen is 1.43 x 10 -3 kg/m3. If a canister of oxygen has a mass of 0.2 kg, find the volume.

  • Answered Kinematics solved problems

    1.       An airplane accelerates down a runway at 3.20 m/s2 for 32.8 s until is finally lifts off the ground. Determine the distance traveled before takeoff. 2.       A car starts from rest and accelerates uniformly over a time of 5.21 seconds for a distance of 110 m. Determine the acceleration of t...

  • Waiting for answer linear motion

    A ship is moving towards the shore having a cliff. A bullet is fired from the ship and the echo heard in 16 s. After 30 s another bullet is fired from the same ship and the echo heard in 12 s. Find the velocity of the ship? Senaka

  • Waiting for answer Strong Force

    What is the difference between the strong force and gravity?

  • Waiting for answer 3-4 pages with references no plagirazm please

    Read the following article by Jay Feldman: Sunday Dialogue: How Corporations Behave Considering the article, write an APA-formatted paper of 4–5 pages that addresses the following: Part 1: Developing the Philosophical Thesis Statement Alfred North Whitehead’s statement: “What is morality in any...

  • Waiting for answer  I need a 4 page essay about the properties of physics on ca...

     I need a 4 page essay about the properties of physics on cameras.  How physics is aplied on cameras and how because of physics properties like refraction, reflection, color and light allows the camera to take pictures. 

  • Waiting for answer (a) If a flea can jump straight up to a height of 0.440 m, w...

    (a) If a flea can jump straight up to a height of 0.440 m, what is its initial speed as it leaves the ground? (b) How long is it in the air?

  • Waiting for answer mechanics Question

    i need it done wirthin 2 hr and show all work i will pay $2 if you can do it just please post direct solution

  • Answered Discussion Home Work

    For this discussion activity, your scavenger hunt will be completed by finding two examples of where an organization and management excelled in ensuring employees were properly compensated, including benefit packages, and then provide two examples of where an organization failed in this area, along...

  • Waiting for answer Waves

    Attached is a quiz which contains 22 multiple choice question. Need answering them in 30 min please help

  • Waiting for answer W4 Lab Assignment “Momentum”

    Then, get into the Virtual Physics Lab and run several experiments, using a wide variety of data points. You need to generate a Lab Report to submit for this assignment. Here are the criteria for the Lab Report: Introduction/Thesis  (Explain the principles you are studying, and what results you expe...

  • Waiting for answer I will pay $40 need it in 30 mints

    Utilizing what you have learned throughout the term about tennis, what skills and concepts can translate over to other sports and how?  Explain in detail at least three skills and/or concepts.  MINIMUM 350 WORDS Reflect upon how you have developed in regards to tennis throughout the term. 1.What w...

  • Waiting for answer Physics Paper

    6 pages plus cover referances Chicago format How the creation of Watson will forever change how we view A.I. and pushes the boundries of A.I. Catherine Owens

  • Waiting for answer Quantification Theory

    Group Discussion Assignment Please copy and paste your Quantification Theory assignment in discussion board. Please make sure that you write at least 3 to 4 paragraphs. You may also select a title or thesis for your essay. Please include information on chapter 4 in the textbook in your essay. Also,...

  • Waiting for answer For Real Physics Pros

    . James operates an airplane that departs from JFK Airport with a constant net force of 40,000 N. The mass of James is 80 kg and the plane’s mass is 30,000 kg. What is the net force that acts on James? 2. Susan pushes her dad, David, on an ice rink with a force of 30 N. She weighs 45 kg and her dad...

  • Waiting for answer LOGIC Probability

    Chapter 14 Discussion. Find a scholarly article on probability Summarize the article Make sure its cited and textbook Also add a few examples and Information from Chapter 14 2 paragraphs

  • Waiting for answer LOGIC AND REASONING

    This is a blackboard assignment. It must be completed by noon tomorrow so that I can post it on time. I will provide textbook information if you cant find the book.  INTRO TO LOGIC 14TH EDITION- TEXTBOOK Group Discussion Assignment Please copy and paste your Symbolic Logic assignment in discussion b...

  • Waiting for answer assignment

    Search the Internet for an article where physical security failed Propose a possible change in that organization’s physical security that could have prevented the breach/failure for that scenario Submit at least 2 but no more than 4 pages double spaced No photos or graphs Reference all sources used...

  • Waiting for answer Logic

    Assignment Instructions: Write a 2 ½  page type-written paper. Write the following information in your paper: Share what you have learned from reading chapter 1 through chapter 7. Which chapter or chapters did you find most helpful? Why? Which chapter or chapters did you find most difficult? Why? Di...

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