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Geography is a very complex and fascinating science that over the centuries made many people undertake long journeys or sea voyages to see the wonderful lands described in old books. Initially geography was developing along one particular path, exploring spatial distribution of human and natural resources, then it described regions and countries, afterwards it studied interdependence of people and territories populated by them, and finally explored the Earth structure.

Today Geography includes all mentioned areas and in addition attempts to record the changes that took place over time in interactions of humans and Earth. Rapid development of technologies has significantly advanced geography and its capabilities in few recent decades, but it has also put additional pressure on people who aim to link their future job to geography.

Students who aim to make careers in geography should learn to predict the outcomes of current human activity for the Earth and to re-design consumption of natural resources in more sustainable and eco-friendly manner. Sometimes the burden of various Geography assignments may seem unbearable, and external help is necessary.

We are ready to deliver this geography homework help to students in need. This help will be provided by our experts who are experienced in completing all kinds of assignments and are informed about the recent practices adopted in geography, including reading satellite images and collecting current evidence from interviews and first-hand investigation. With our assistance geographical studies will stop being a threatening task and will become a truly life-saving and earth-saving profession.

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  • Waiting for answer some who can do geology

    Open the attached documents and follow the instructions.  Complete the homework by typing your answers in the attached word document and completing the associated Google Earth exercise.  Note you will first need to download and install Google Earth Pro from their web site:

  • Waiting for answer Country Paper

    Choose a country that you have not lived in, nor spent more than a week in. Find at least three book sources and at least seven sources in all and begin reading about the culture of this country. You may choose a specific ethnic group in the country or discuss the country as a whole. Research what a...

  • Waiting for answer GEOLOGY

    4 typed pages of an geology or earth science current event  provide atleast 3 sources of info on the topic writing level for general audience and you are the report with experience. clearly summarize the topic and include your critical thoughts. I NEED IT IN 2 HOURS.

  • Waiting for answer Geo

    Please see all attachments before accepting Please follow Instructors assignment directions Please Please Please no Plagiarism Please Use Proper and Correct citations.  APA formatting and complete accurate citations

  • Waiting for answer Geography Essay

    I have a geograohy assignment. Here is the link that has the book: source=web rct=j url= ved=0ahUKEwiqv_Lp1NfSAhVJ4mMKHYeZAekQFgghMAA usg=AFQjCNGeSBaACjlw1zJtEIryK...

  • Waiting for answer Shining Star 001

    the question is in the wa2.pdf. please only read the question in wa2.pdf and some requirements are in the wa1.pdf

  • Waiting for answer geography Unit IV

    Unit IV Scholarly Activity Travel Writing Pretend you are a travel writer. Your assignment is to write about a landscape or place that you have visited that you think others might enjoy. It can be local, national, or international. It can be a city, town, country, state, island, region, or other l...

  • Waiting for answer geography

    Unit III Article Critique People and Nature For this assignment, you are going to critique an article you find on the web or in the CSU Online Library which relates to information in Unit III: Chapter 4 People and Nature. There is no length requirement for the article, but it should have enough in...

  • Waiting for answer Master listening H.W

    HELLO,  I have homework in the Master listening and I want someone to helo me with that.  All YOU NEED TO DO IS THAT LISTEN TO THE VIDEOS AND ANSWER THE QUESTIONS.  iTS NOT THAT LONG BUT i HAVE OTHER IMPORTANT TO STUFF TO DO.  PLEASE i NEED THIS TO BE  DONE BY Friday so you have 45 hours. 

  • Waiting for answer GEOGRAPHY

    5 LIST/SHORT ANSWER – Worth 10 points each:  50 points.  1)  List the 8 eras of New Mexico geography:  name three Athabaskan Nations and three Pueblo Nations 2)  List and briefly explain the 6 factors that made Spanish settlement in New Mexico successful 3)  List and briefly explain 4 types of la...

  • Waiting for answer Reading 1 Assignment

    Each student is required to post a minimum of THREE FULL paragraphs to their blackboard discussion group with their critique of the reading for each day readings are assigned. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence, at least one sentence with evidence to support the topic, and a concluding or...

  • Waiting for answer Environmental Geology

    GEOL 1208.2 Environmental Geology Assignment #1 – Contest and Individual Assignment Due Date: Thursday, 16 March 2017 I would like you to think and reflect about geological processes. The purpose of this assignment to apply your knowledge of the course so far to your life or the lives of family...

  • Waiting for answer Movie Analysis

    Students are required to choose any movie of their choice that reflects upon any form of inequality in a city. For example a movie reflecting on racial inequality in New York.(Total Points -30)  The analysis should consist of (this is to help you organize): 1) Name and main message of the movie.What...

  • Waiting for answer geography questions

    Question 7 In Unit II, we learned about the concept of globalization of culture. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the globalization and standardization of culture? Provide at least one specific example of the advantage and at least one specific example of the disadvantage of the globali...

  • Waiting for answer Geo Unit VI

    Please see all attachments before accepting Please follow Instructors assignment directions Please Please Please no Plagiarism Please Use Proper and Correct citations.  APA formatting and complete accurate citations

  • Waiting for answer DOCUMENTARY RESPONSE

    I just need a 1-2 page double spaced MLA format reaction to the video "Bag It" by Suzan B. It is DUE TONIGHT BY 11:30! My computer wasn't working all week so I couldn't post earlier. I am so sorry for the inconveince.  REQUIREMENTS: A brief summary of the film, which provides enough information to n...

  • Waiting for answer GEO assignment (Z009)

    before you decide to send me a handshake plz through the assignment and make sure you can manage it  i dont have another day to waste 

  • Waiting for answer Create an outline for term paper

    I have an idea of the topic- I need assistance completing the outline. Topic: Religion- What makes ethnic religions differ from universal religions? How were they chosen? What kind of people subscribe to them? Use this forum to submit and discuss your research outline. Steps to creating a good outli...

  • Waiting for answer tim.writers

    Essay #2 is due at the end of this week. In your initial post this week, you should provide your next draft of Essay #2. Then, respond in detail to the drafts of at least 2 other classmates, using the questions below for evaluating as your guide: Which sentence states the main idea (thesis) of the e...

  • Waiting for answer Geography Assignment

    The assignment is about reading a specific article and write about what do u think about it in 2 pages.

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