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At the centre of any mathematics field and nearby sciences lies calculus. Generally speaking, calculus is aimed at applying mathematics to observe and analyze change. The origins of calculus date back to the 17th century, when Isaac Newton, along with other outstanding scholars, developed a new field to deal with complex problems that could not be solved using basic algebra mechanisms and concepts.

Although calculus generally attracts more attention from the students, compared to other disciplines, mastering calculus often requires help from the outside – for instance, from tutors. Our tutoring service offers Calculus homework help to students who either struggle with calculus or need some help to better understand the mechanisms of calculus.

It doesn’t matter if you need assistance to complete routine calculus homework or require help during a calculus exam – with our service nothing is impossible!

The tutors on our team are experts in calculus of any level, from calculus I and II to calculus III and IV. Functions, continuity, derivatives and their applications, differentiation, definite and indefinite integrals, infinite series, vectors, theorems, differential equations, multivariable integration and differentiation, and anything else concerning calculus will never be a problem for you again if you work with our team.

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  • Answered Calculus homework questions, need done ASAP!

    I need these calc questions done ASAP! Please let me know if you are willing to help. Total of 7 questions, no work needed to show.

  • Waiting for answer Calculus.. need answers in 2 hours!

    Need these done in 2 hours! Do not have to show work.

  • Answered Calculus homework?

    Requirements:  Must keep in contact with me throughout the process  Must show work in the documents provided Due in 28 hrs 

  • Waiting for answer Calculus assignment?

    Calculus assignment! Due in 29 hours.  Requirements:  Must show work Must keep in contact with me throughout the process Must do well

  • Answered Calculus homework?

    I have 2 calculus assignments that are due in 12 hours. They are attatched below:  I will only hire tutors with prompt responses.  Pay is negotiable

  • Waiting for answer Calculus homework?

    I have a couple calculus assignments that are due in 60 hours (a couple days) these are the assignments attached. Would you be able to do them and how much? Let me know! Thanks

  • Waiting for answer Calc máxima and mínima

    Not sure how to do this problem.

  • Answered गुणा


  • Waiting for answer Convergent or divergent

    \(\sum_{n=1}^{\infty} ln n/n^2\)

  • Answered Geometric application of the definite integral

    Find the volume of the solid generated by revolving about the x-axis the area bounded by y= squareroot of x , x=4 and the x-axis.

  • Answered Integration by parts.

    The tuitorial entails solving integrals using integration by parts.This metod of integration requires the first step to identify u dv from the integral and this is achieved by applying the rule rule of the thumb using the acronym;LIATE whose letters represent five functions to be encountered in th...

  • Answered Équations


  • Answered x^2 + 1 =5

    X^2 + 1 =5

  • Waiting for answer Find atleast two equations of a line through ( 4,

    Find atleast two equations of a line through ( 4, 13 ) that is tangent to y = 2x^2 - 1 

  • Answered Reference angle

    What is the reference angle of 840?

  • Answered Tecniques of Differentiation


  • Answered Find the derivative of the function

    y= 2^x + 2/x^3

  • Answered Funciones

    Como se desarrollan las funciones inversas?

  • Waiting for answer Find the local maximum and minimum values of ##f## using bot...

    ## f(5)=1/10## is a local max. ## f(-5)=-1/10## is a local min. ##f(x)={x}/{x^2+25}## By , ##f'(x)={1 cdot(x^2+25)-x cdot 2x}/{(x^2+25)^2}={25-x^2}/{(x^2+25)^2}=0## ##= x= pm5" "...

  • Waiting for answer What is the derivative of ##1+tan^2x##?

    ##2tanxsec^2x## differentiate using the##color(blue)(" chain rule ") ## rewrite ## tan^2x = (tanx)^2## ##d/dx[ 1 + (tanx)^2] = 2(tanx) d/dx(tanx) ## ## = 2tanxsec^2x ##

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