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  • Answered Prove cos^2theta+tan^2thetacos...
    Prove cos^2theta+tan^2thetacos^2theta=1
  • Answered Differentiate each of the fol...
    Differentiate each of the following functions 1) y=1/x^2 2) y=Q^3/3+70Q-15Q^2 3) P=(5Q+2)/Q
  • Answered Proof that the inverse funtion...
    Proof that the inverse funtion of a composite function is equal to the composite function of two inverse functions. (g(f(x))^(-1) = f^(-1)(g^(-1)(x))
  • Waiting for answer Find an interval of the form [...
    Find an interval of the form [a,b] in which the equation ln(2+x^4+cos(x))=4 has a solution. If any theorem is used, then carefully check the hypotheses.
  • Answered Differentiate the function y=(...
    Differentiate the function y=(11-x)71 dy/dx=?
  • Waiting for answer question uploaded
    question uploaded
  • Answered (x)=4x^2, find f(x+h)
    (x)=4x^2, find f(x+h)
  • Answered The universal social charge (U...
    The universal social charge (USC) is calculated on gross income. the rates for USC are: -1% on the first £12,012 of gross annual income -3% on the next £6656 -5.5% on the balance Ross earned £46,000 in 2014. Find his USC for that year.
  • Answered Help with 15 calculus problems
    Help with 15 calculus problems
  • Answered 15 problems- $40
  • Answered Due at midnight will pay $40 f...
    Find dx/dy of 2x^3+2xy+y^2=9 Find dx/dy of 2x^3+xy^2+lnx=19 Find limit x- infinity (2x^3-3x+6)/(5x^3-4x^2+6) Critical values for f(x)= x^3-x+2 Find limit x- infinity (42x^2-x+4)/(5x^3-3x^2+8x+6)
  • Answered 45 to the power of x-3 times 7...
    45 to the power of x-3 times 75 to the power of 4-x divided by 25 to the power of x times 15 to the power of x +2
  • Answered Exam Challenge..,
    Who can challenge?!
  • Answered New Challenge
    New Challenge
  • Answered Good Challenge-Mathematics Que...
    Good luck for all. And try to solve with steps. Thanks
  • Answered Math Challenge
    Who can solve these 3 problems within 12 hours
  • Waiting for answer Centre of Mass
    Good morning, I would need to know the conduct of the following exercise allocated for examining II Analysis at the university of Architecture. exercise Text: A foil in the form of an isosceles trapezium has the bases of length 2 to 4 meters and the height of 2 meters. Knowing that the density p...

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At the centre of any mathematics field and nearby sciences lies calculus. Generally speaking, calculus is aimed at applying mathematics to observe and analyze change. The origins of calculus date back to the 17th century, when Isaac Newton, along with other outstanding scholars, developed a new field to deal with complex problems that could not be solved using basic algebra mechanisms and concepts.

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