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  • Answered coordinate Geometry
    The eq of straight line l is 5x+6y+30=0.K is the point (3,-1). Find (a) the coordinates of the point where the line l crosses the x-axis; (b) the coordinate of the point M, at which the line l intersects the line x=2; (c) the eq of the line passing through K and having the same gradient as l; (d...
  • Waiting for answer Purple math mate term 2 sheet...
    Hi, so I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a blank copy of the purple math mate, that is term 2 sheet 6. Thank you so much!
  • Waiting for answer Center and Radius of a circle
  • Waiting for answer Proving set with nth root
    A set S with the operation * is an Abelian group if the following five properties are shown to be true: ● closure property: For all r and t in S, r*t is also in S ● commutative property: For all r and t in S, r*t=t*r ● identity property: There exists an element e in S so that for every s...
  • Waiting for answer Integral Domain proof
    Given: An integral domain Z is a ring for the operations + and * with three additional properties: 1. The commutative property of *: For any elements x and y in Z, x*y=y*x. 2. The unity property: There is an element 1 in Z that is the identity for *, meaning for any z in Z, z*1=z. Also, 1...
  • Answered proving rings
    A set R with two operations + and * is a ring if the following 8 properties are shown to be true: 1. closure property of +: For all s and t in R, s+t is also in R 2. closure property of *: For all s and t in R, s*t is also in R 3. additive identity property: There exists an element 0 in R such that...
  • Waiting for answer ratio tables
    how do u use ratio tables
  • Answered Area of similar shapes
    Find the unknown Area(square). In each case, the shapes are similar.
  • Answered What Did George Washington Abr...
    What Did George Washington Abraham lincoln and Christopher columbus jave in common
  • Answered substitution method
    How do i do the substitution method
  • Answered Alexander is dividing oranges...
    Alexander is dividing oranges into eighths. he has 5 oranges. how many eighths will he have?
  • Answered Working with percentages
    In one season, a baseball team played 120 games and lost 25% of them. How many games did the team win?
  • Waiting for answer Trigonometry problem
    ABC is a triangle in which AB= 40cm, BC=80cm and B=30 degrees. XY is an arc of a circle with centre B and radius 10cm. Calculate the area of Triangle ABC and the area of the remaining triangle without the arc
  • Waiting for answer Math Questions
    Math Challenging
  • Waiting for answer Math Problems
    Try to solve these questions,,.
  • Waiting for answer Applicable Mathematics-II
    Assignment of AM-II
  • Answered Math
  • Waiting for answer sample space
    If a box contains 3 red balls and 6 black balls and two balls are drawn in succession without replacement, what sample space can be made for the number of black balls?
  • Answered Math Help
    Use the discriminant of -x^2-2x-4=0 to find the number and type of solutions
  • Waiting for answer CW-AM.II
    Mathematic Problems
  • Waiting for answer 4-19
    Copy and complete cache of the diamond problems below. The pattern used in the diamond problems are shown at right
  • Answered If five times the 5th term of...
    If five times the 5th term of an AP is equal to eight times it 8th term show that its 13th term is zero
  • Waiting for answer AM-II
    Quick Questions! Note: p q related to student no. Read the questions carefully. good luck
  • Waiting for answer solution set of linear equitat...
    Let v⃗ 1=⎡⎣⎢21−1⎤⎦⎥,v⃗ 2=⎡⎣⎢−302⎤⎦⎥andz→=⎡⎣⎢k1−1⎤⎦⎥.If z→ can be generated by v1→ and v2→, then find the value of k
  • Waiting for answer Math Trying
    Try to do these questions, challenge!
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