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  • Answered Probability

    Kenya tossed a quater two times. What is the probability that she tosses a head the first time and a tail the second time

  • Answered I need help on 17-19

    I wanna know how to get the answer and how.

  • Waiting for answer Mathematical

    Measure the length of each line segment to the nearest quarter inch

  • Answered Mathematic

    If chirag takes 10 rupees for lifting a weight for 1 minutes then what would be the cost for lifting the same weight for 2 second

  • Answered determine wether each statement is true or false

    two radii always have the same length?two chord always have the same length?all chord intersect at one point?a radius is not a chord?all diameter intersect at one point?

  • Answered math

    what is fraction

  • Waiting for answer frecuncy table

    concider numbers 1to 100 distribute numbers into odd numbers,even multiples of 10 nd 9 then draw frecuncy table

  • Answered find the sqare root value of 256 by repeated subtraction

    sqare root value 356 by repeated subtraction

  • Answered Compund interest

    The parents of twin boys started a college fund when the boys were 5 years old. They decided to invest $6,000 into an account that compounds quarterly at a rate of 8.6% annually. If the parents do not invest any additional money into this fund, how much will each of the boys have toward his educati...

  • Waiting for answer Multiple Math problems

     Math problems  Try!

  • Waiting for answer PDE


  • Answered How to solve this

    (3.9*0.27)+/0.6724solve that and here a next one express as a single fraction 2./12-4/5over 3/4

  • Waiting for answer Indefinite integration of special function in reality

    What is the Exp(x)/cos(x) integration in the reality boundary?

  • Answered Differential equation

    1.Find the degree and  order of  the following differential equations. (i)  ( dy/dx)2   -  4x  =  d2 y/ dx2         (ii) Y = x  dy/ dx   +  a  2          (iii) 3/2   =  5  d2y /  d x2 (iv) x2  ( d2 y / dx2  )3  +  y ( dy/dx ) 4  + y4  =  0

  • Answered Maths

    Degree and order of DE Find the degree and order of the following differential equations. (Dy/DX)^2 -4x = d^2y/dx^2

  • Answered word problems leading to quadratic equations

    divide 29 into two parts so that the sum of the squares of the parts is 425.Find the value of each part?

  • Answered Week 3 Project - STAT 3001 paper A+

    Week 3 Project - STAT 3001 Student Name:            Type your name here Date:   Enter the date on which you began working on this assignment. Instructions:  To complete this project, you will need the following materials: STATDISK User Manual (found in the classroom in DocSharing) Access to the...

  • Answered Basic Math

    Unit 1: Instructor Graded Assignment Basic Math In this class, you will complete an Instructor Graded Assignment in Units 1-8. These Assignments give you a chance to apply the skills you have learned in the unit so far. You will have a chance to solve problems using a combination of math and inter...

  • Answered division

    how to do long division

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