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  • Waiting for answer math

     What is (2+y)³ written out? 8 + 12y + 6y² + y³ 6 + 8y + 4y² + y³ 2. What's the name of the expansion you could use to work out the answer to the previous question? Bernstein Binomial 3. Which plot represents y=9ˣ? 4. Which equation would you find to solve 9ˣ=15 fo...

  • Waiting for answer Math 510 Week 6 Discussion

    "Process Improvement and Problem-Solving Tools" Please respond to the following: Note:  Online students, please select one of the two subjects to discuss. Among the tools (e.g., graphics tools, knowledge-based tools, etc.) that the author discussed in the textbook, determine the type of tool that yo...

  • Answered what is 4.5x1+5=x

    what is 4.5x1+5=x

  • Waiting for answer Statistics for Psychology

    1. A psychologist assigns teenagers to listen to rap music or classical music, and then the psychologist studies the amount of aggression displayed by those teenagers in a simulated conflict situation. What are the IV and the DV in this study? 2. It is a population fact that men and women differ in...

  • Waiting for answer short stats essay

    Suppose the California Department of Education reports that the mean SAT score in Orange County is 1540 while the mean SAT score in Riverside County is 1400.  How would you conduct one-way ANOVA test to find out whether the mean SAT scores between Orange and Riverside Counties are statistically diff...

  • Waiting for answer stats help 5

    1. Answer all questions included in the attached word file, using two excel spreadsheet data: ExamScores.xlsx and Chemitech.xlsx (DUE: Day 7 by 11:59 p.m. ) 2. Follow the instructions mentioned in each problem 3. Your answer consists of two parts: (1)excel output and (2) interpretation - Excel outpu...

  • Waiting for answer na

    A standardized test was given to a set of high school juniors and the distribution of the data is bell shaped.  The mean score is 800 and the standard deviation is 120. 5.  Between which two scores did 95% of the students score? 6.  To qualify for a special summer camp for accelerated students, a...

  • Answered sets


  • Waiting for answer mgmt 3100 hw 1 post#2

    Estimate the standard deviation of the process. What is the Cp if the specifications are 28.0 + 0.1 pounds? look at attched to undertand what i mean thanks

  • Answered 56.80×16.25


  • Answered express in terms of tanx only

    sin^4x+cos^4x sin^4x-cos^4x

  • Waiting for answer Math Response Question

    How is the decimal expansion of an irrational number different from that of a rational number? Provide an example of an irrational number, integer, whole number, and natural number. What are some ways that you could use these types of numbers in the real world?

  • Answered Find the zeroes of polnomial x²+5x+6?

    Find the zeroes of polynomial x²+5x+6

  • Waiting for answer MathLab  I need it by 5 today. Go to Assingments, and 4-2 needs to be completed. 

  • Waiting for answer Dice probability

    kim and Laura take turns to throw two six-sided fair dice. Kim throws first. The winner is the one who throws a total score of eight on a single throw. Show that P(Kim wins)=36/67.

  • Answered P is directly proportional to Q. When P is 5, Q i...

    P is directly proportional to Q. When P is 5, Q is 15. If P is 7, what is Q? If Q is 10, what is P? 

  • Waiting for answer kimwoods21

    Conducting a z-Test A researcher predicts that watching a film on institutionalization will change students’ attitudes about chronically mentally ill patients. The researcher randomly selects a class of 36 students, shows them the film, and gives them a questionnaire about their attitudes. The mean...

  • Waiting for answer kimwoods11

    Research Design Questions Suppose you are a researcher who wants to evaluate which type of course-delivery format (online, blended, or face-to-face) leads to the best performance in a psychological statistics class. In a paper, identify the following: What is your research question? (Please remembe...

  • Waiting for answer The math homework on MyStatLab

    There are 17 questions, and this is Elementary Statistics. If you can finish the problem, we'll shake hands.

  • Waiting for answer Kerion has a beaded necklace business. She can make 12 neckl...

    Kerion has a beaded necklace business. She can make 12 necklaces in 2 hours. How long will it take her to make 9 necklaces?

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