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  • Waiting for answer sample space

    If a box contains 3 red balls and 6 black balls and two balls are drawn in succession without replacement, what sample space can be made for the number of black balls?

  • Answered Math Help

    Use the discriminant of -x^2-2x-4=0 to find the number and type of solutions

  • Waiting for answer CW-AM.II

    Mathematic Problems 

  • Waiting for answer 4-19

    Copy and complete cache of the diamond problems below. The pattern used in the diamond problems are shown at right

  • Answered If five times the 5th term of an AP is equal to eight times...

    If five times the 5th term of an AP is equal to eight times it 8th term show that its 13th term is zero

  • Waiting for answer AM-II

    Quick Questions!"" Note: p q related to student no. Read the questions carefully. good luck 

  • Waiting for answer solution set of linear equitations

    Let v⃗ 1=⎡⎣⎢21−1⎤⎦⎥,v⃗ 2=⎡⎣⎢−302⎤⎦⎥andz→=⎡⎣⎢k1−1⎤⎦⎥.If z→ can be generated by v1→ and v2→, then find the value of k

  • Waiting for answer Math Trying

    Try to do these questions, challenge!

  • Answered Volume Of Prisms

    There are images

  • Answered Maths vectors

    How would I find out what QB is in terms of c

  • Waiting for answer a scuba diver dives directly from A to B and then

    a scuba diver dives directly from A to B and then to C and then to the seabed D.She then realises that she has only 4 minutes worth of air left in her tank.she can ascend vertically at 10m/s.AB=8m,

  • Answered Ratio

    1. Joe makes fruit punch by mixing fruit juice and lemonade in the ratio 1:4. She needs to make 40l. How much of each does she need? 2. During the party, she decides to make more. She has 3l of fruit juice left and plenty of lemonade. How much punch can she make? 3.To make the second batch go furthe...

  • Answered PRECENT Increace

    Students donated 2,500 cans of food to the local pa terry last year. They donated 4,000 cans this year. What is the Precent Increase in the number of cans dontated?

  • Answered I would like some help with adding and subtracting fractions

    May I please have some help with adding and subtracting fractions?

  • Answered percentage

    the author had difficulty findind the percentage of people who write with their left hand. if we want to estimate that percentage based on results, how many people must we survey in order to be 99% confident we are with in 2 percentage points of the population percentage? assume that we know nothing...

  • Answered Math

    Want is 30,000,000 times 100

  • Answered Volume of Sphere

    If a sphere and a cone have the same radius and height, how is the volume of the sphere related to the volume of a cone?

  • Answered Math

    Lucy spent 3/5 of her money on a purse. She spent the remainder 3 T-shirts which cost $4. How much did the purse cost ?

  • Answered Trigonometry

    In figure, BÂC=60 degrees and BD is perpendicular to AC. If AB=50cm and AC=40cm, find (A) BD (B) AD (C) DC (D) BĆA

  • Answered can you help me

    can you help me

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