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  • Waiting for answer The ages of the people at your family reunion are given in t...

    A How many people attend the reunion B how old was the oldest person there

  • Answered Solve the following problems.

    Mr.Cervantes'weekly salary is P4800.if he receives a 4% increase,what will his new salary be

  • Answered how many liters of gasoline does a 50 km trip need?

    the number of liters (L) of gasoline used on a trip varies directly with the number of kilometers (km) traveled. If a 35 km trip requires 42 L of gasoline, then how many liters of gasoline does a 50 km trip need?

  • Answered An ice cream cone has a radius of 1.8cm and a height of 4.2...

    An ice cream cone has a radius of 1.8cm and a height of 4.2cm.How many cubics centimeters of ice cream can it hold?

  • Answered What is $1,137.5 - 20 % ?

    What is $1,137.5 - 20 % ?

  • Answered Math

    Two cubes each of volume 27cm3 are joined end to end to form a solid find the surface area of the resulting cuboid

  • Waiting for answer Sets

    There are 100 members in a foreign language ... 48 members speak Spanish45 members speak French52 members speak German 15 members speak Spanish and French18 members speak Spanish an German21 members speak German an FrenchX MEMBERS speak all three language Draw a venn diagram to represent this info...

  • Answered mathematics

    To what value does the sum 20+12+36/5 tend as n

  • Answered QNT 351 Latest Finals 2016 Version

    In a distribution, the second quartile corresponds with the __________A weight-loss company wants to statistically prove that its methods work. They randomly selected 10 clients who had been on the weight loss program for between 55 and 65 days. They looked at their beginning weights and their curre...

  • Answered Ratio

    In a class,every student is asked to draw triangle par.John draws triangle par such that the ratio of

  • Answered Probability

    Kenya tossed a quater two times. What is the probability that she tosses a head the first time and a tail the second time

  • Answered I need help on 17-19

    I wanna know how to get the answer and how.

  • Waiting for answer Mathematical

    Measure the length of each line segment to the nearest quarter inch

  • Answered Mathematic

    If chirag takes 10 rupees for lifting a weight for 1 minutes then what would be the cost for lifting the same weight for 2 second

  • Answered determine wether each statement is true or false

    two radii always have the same length?two chord always have the same length?all chord intersect at one point?a radius is not a chord?all diameter intersect at one point?

  • Answered math

    what is fraction

  • Waiting for answer frecuncy table

    concider numbers 1to 100 distribute numbers into odd numbers,even multiples of 10 nd 9 then draw frecuncy table

  • Answered find the sqare root value of 256 by repeated subtraction

    sqare root value 356 by repeated subtraction

  • Answered Compund interest

    The parents of twin boys started a college fund when the boys were 5 years old. They decided to invest $6,000 into an account that compounds quarterly at a rate of 8.6% annually. If the parents do not invest any additional money into this fund, how much will each of the boys have toward his educati...

  • Waiting for answer Multiple Math problems

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