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Geometry was devised many centuries ago to help people measure the land plots and build large constructions in the absence of sophisticated measuring and plotting devices. The needs of humanity in regard to measuring and construction have progressed significantly, yet Geometry remains one of the leading mathematical fields necessary in every sphere of human activity.

As the technology and scientific knowledge progressed, Geometry acquired more and more subfields and dealt with problems of high complexity. Yet its study begins with learning the basics that are taught in high school and serve as the foundation for higher education in the realm of engineering and technology. So while trying to cope with Geometry tasks that seem unclear or complicated do not be shy to ask for Geometry homework help at the very start of your path.

We will provide geometry answers and solutions to a broad range of problems from the areas of Congruence and Similarity, Parallel Perpendicular Lines Problems or Geometric Shape Attributes. So you will finish your school studies with solid knowledge and will easily apply it in the future for the benefit of any profession you choose.

Our geometry assistance also suits students who search for new ideas or technical help for preparing geometry assignments. You can get geometry homework help any time you need it, even if you're studying late at night or at weekends, so you always get help right in time.

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  • Waiting for answer To the nearest millimeter, a cell phone is 7474 mm long and...

    To the nearest millimeter, a cell phone is 7474mm long and 4646mm wide. What is the ratio of the width to the length?

  • Waiting for answer dr rocal

  • Answered It is about a isosceles

    Let ABC a isosceles where AB=AC and angle A is 100degree. The bisector of angleACB meets AB at D. If, BC is equal to 2017. Find AD+CD.

  • Waiting for answer S is in the interior of

    S is in the interior of PRQ if m PRQ=90 degrees and m SRQ=37, find m SRP.

  • Answered Congruent triangles overlapping

    I need help on the statements and reasons

  • Answered Geometry assignment

    In triangle PQR, points A, B, C are the midpoints of line PQ, line PR and line RQ respectively1. If BC = 7, then PQ = __2. If QR = 12, then AB = __3. If AC = 3x + 5, PR = 4x + 16, then PR = __4. If AB = 7x - 4, QR = 3x + 14, then QC = __5. If AB = 15, AC = 19, then QR + PR = __6. If QA = x + 4,PA =2...

  • Answered HI I'd like to ask help for these two questions

    HI I'd like to ask help for these two questions

  • Answered Geometry

    7. . If an isosceles triangle has a base of 4cm long and the altitude to the base is 4cm long, how long is each leg?

  • Answered 2-column proving

    GRAM is a parallelogram. 1. If GR = 3x + 1, MA = 6x - 5 and MG = 2x + 1, find lengths of the sides of GRAM.2. If 3. If

  • Answered circle goemetry

    A chord of a circle which subtends an angle α at the centre of the circle divides the circle into two segments such that the arc of one is equal to twice the area of the other

  • Answered cube

    Find the angles between the diagonals of a cube.

  • Answered If a man walks 4km east and 5km south how far is

    If a man walks 4km east and 5km south how far is he from the point where he started?

  • Answered The square of the perimeter is 25% increase then

    The square of the perimeter is 25% increase then square of the area which percentage increase?

  • Answered geometry question

    hey..need help with figuring an answer to've got this answer from ..thanks

  • Answered Help me

    1)Triangle ABC has angle B = 36°, a = 9, and c = 17. Find side b to the nearest whole number.

  • Waiting for answer Resolve into partial fraction

    X3 (x+1)2(x+2)2

  • Answered geometry

    At Bayside High School, 55% of the student body are boys. Thirty-five percent of the boys are on honor roll, and 40% of girls are on honor roll. What percent of the student body is on honor roll? Round to the nearest percent.

  • Waiting for answer Teacher in need of answers

    open file

  • Waiting for answer geometry

    In a word processing document or on a separate piece of paper, use the guide to construct a two column proof proving DC || AB, given AB = CD and AD = CB. Submit the entire proof to your instructor. Given: AB = CD AD = CB Prove: DC || AB STATEMENT REASON 1. 1. 2. AC = AC 2. 3. 3. SSS (Side-Side-Side)...

  • Answered math

    what did people say after two satellite dishes got married

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