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Geometry was devised many centuries ago to help people measure the land plots and build large constructions in the absence of sophisticated measuring and plotting devices. The needs of humanity in regard to measuring and construction have progressed significantly, yet Geometry remains one of the leading mathematical fields necessary in every sphere of human activity.

As the technology and scientific knowledge progressed, Geometry acquired more and more subfields and dealt with problems of high complexity. Yet its study begins with learning the basics that are taught in high school and serve as the foundation for higher education in the realm of engineering and technology. So while trying to cope with Geometry tasks that seem unclear or complicated do not be shy to ask for Geometry homework help at the very start of your path.

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We will provide geometry answers and CPM homework help to a broad range of problems from the areas of Congruence and Similarity, Parallel Perpendicular Lines Problems or Geometric Shape Attributes. So you will finish your school studies with solid knowledge and will easily apply it in the future for the benefit of any profession you choose.

Our geometry assistance also suits students who search for new ideas or technical help for preparing geometry assignments. You can get geometry homework help any time you need it, even if you're studying late at night or at weekends, so you always get help right in time.

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  • Waiting for answer 4 Le- Essay

    Donna Driver gets into a car accident with Vic Victim in Cleveland, Ohio. Vic sustains severe injuries. Donna admits liability as she knows that she ran a red light by mistake, thus causing the accident. Donna has auto insurance with an insurance company called Gekko. Her policy has a liability cove...

  • Waiting for answer Gym members are instructed to lift their legs at 30° angle...

    Gym members are instructed to lift their legs at 30° angle during leg lifts. One member has legs that are 38 inches long. What is the height (in inches) of the members feet during the leg lift? If necessary, round decimal answers to the nearest tenth. 

  • Waiting for answer Triangle ABC is an equilateral triangle. The angle bisectors...

    Triangle ABC is an equilateral triangle. The angle bisectors and the perpendicular bisectors meet at D in such a way that CD=2DE. The radius of the inscribed circle is ___units and the radius of the circumscribed circle is ___ units. AC=10 and CE=8.7

  • Waiting for answer Section 7.3 Triangles 287 Tell whether x and y show direct v...

    Section 7.3 Triangles 287 Tell whether x and y show direct variation. Explain your reasoning. If so, fi nd the constant of proportionality. (Section 5.6) 28. x = 2y 29. y − x = 6 30. xy = 5 31. MULTIPLE CHOICE A savings account earns 6% simple interest per year. The principal is $800. What is the ba...

  • Waiting for answer triangles

    A flower bed in the corner of a lot is a right triangle. The legs are each 6ft long. Find the length of the hypotenuse and determine how much fencing material is needed to Surround the bed. The material can only be bought in whole numbers of feet.

  • Waiting for answer 1

    Can you help with this sample Question I really need this help to be the best this is my final help question for this class...Please send a minitab output, and send all solutions in a doc file so I can open them Thank you...For this sample question use data from W1 A3.This week, you will explore the...

  • Answered quadrilateral We are trying to find out what specific Quad...

    This figures side each with length 30 millimeters. Its opposite sides are parallel. Not all of the angles are congruent.   What quadrilateral am I?

  • Waiting for answer We can show that g lies on each of the medians by finding th...

    We can show that g lies on each of the medians by finding the equations of the lines containing the medians

  • Waiting for answer        Suppose 67% of all teenagers own a laptop and 29% of...

           Suppose 67% of all teenagers own a laptop and 29% of all teenagers own a laptop and a tablet. What is the probability that a teenager owns a tablet given that the teenager owns a laptop?

  • Answered Writing a Congruence Proof

    Prove AZ is congruent to BX. (File attached)

  • Waiting for answer Geometry

    CUTE is a rhombus. CI=3x+15, IU=x^2-5x+30 and measure of angle TIU, with I being the midpoint of both diagonals, being x^2+65. Is CUTE a square. support your answer with reasoning?

  • Waiting for answer Help needed


  • Waiting for answer In triangle JKL, an angle bisector drawn from vertex K inter...

    In triangle JKL, an angle bisector drawn from vertex K intersects the opposite side at point P. If JKL is 2y+25 and PKL is 8y-17, what is the measure of JKL? Please show all work! I don't understand!!

  • Waiting for answer the figure shows a right circular cone on top of a hemispher...

    the figure shows a right circular cone on top of a hemisphere with the same radius. to the nearestw hole number, what is the volume of this soild.  the numbers i got is  4 cm and 4 cm

  • Waiting for answer Assignment: Applications of Graph Theory

    In 1736, a famous Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler (1707 – 1783) started the work in the area of Graph Theory through his successful attempt in solving the problem of “Seven Bridges of Konigsberg.” Graph Theory solved many problems in multiple fields (Chinese Postman Problem, DNA fragment assembly...

  • Answered geometry

    Draw an isosceles triangle PQR .from vertex P , fraw a stright line to meet the mid-point of QR at S.vetify experimentally that PS is a perpendicular to QR

  • Answered Math homework

    Shane says a straight angle aways has 180 degrees. Is he correct. Explain.

  • Waiting for answer Terrorism-Homeland

    Hi I have an assignment that will open at 1:40 EST tomorrow Wednesday, and it will last for an hour. I need some who able to write 2-3 pages about question-related to security.

  • Waiting for answer Look below

    Assignment 1: Explain the two types of meetings called at the White House that involve the entire national security apparatus.  Summarize the trial of Abdul Basit and his remarkable statement at the close of the trial.  Make an argument for whether or not any parts of the statement are valid.  Make...

  • Waiting for answer Expires=1487810023 Signature=H2~mwX4S2Ncsv~W-1wsO1j2mXRG2CyqPnZhekGrPcqXq5qn4HZAKZnhxkYfwVtKOu2YZhOD9hmAo~2-wTPW...

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