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Art and design are one of the most fascinating subjects, combining the best from technology, creative, and business to create a unique blend of knowledge and skills needed to advance in any field. Art and design cannot be separated from culture, which is why studying these subjects abroad will give you a better idea of art, design, and its place in the modern world and your life.

If you have a particular interest in the creative arts and design of one country, your college or university can provide you with the background needed to better understand the subject, but only after some time spent in the country of your interest you’ll truly realize the essence of the country’s art and design through all the works of art that will be available to you, including paintings, sculptures, architecture, and writing.

There is one more thing you can do to get a better grasp of art, design, or its particular branch, and that’s working with our team of experienced and skilled tutors. We’re ready to provide you with Art & Design homework help on any subject, including photography, French art, Byzantine art, Roman art, minimalism, Russian art, abstract expressionism, renaissance and baroque art and architecture, American and Canadian art, minimalism, modern architecture, and dozens of other subjects of art and design needed for you to excel in this field.

If you feel you need help with doing your art and design homework, completing a research, working on a project, or studying an especially complex field of art, like calligraphy or printmaking. With our assistance you’ll leave the troubles with art and design behind, enjoying new things you’ll learn with us.

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  • Waiting for answer Art

    How to make a flower

  • Answered Write a two-page in-depth commentary for one of your artisti...

    Due April 23 at 11:59 PM Write a two-page in-depth commentary for one of your artistic artifacts that is most representative of your theme and, of course, include the image of that work. This work should be from the course content, not one of your modern or contemporary examples. Make sure you think...

  • Answered summary

    Summary of hindi poem Jay bharat! Jay bharati!

  • Waiting for answer summary

    Summary of hindi poem Jay bharat! Jay bharti!

  • Waiting for answer Cubism Crossword

    It is multiple, here are the clues: 1. Cubism has often been likened to looking at something through a fractured.... (6 letters 3rd letter r last letter r) 2.When a work of art has different heights in it 6 letters 3rd word l) 3.When we make colours go gradually from dark to light or from one from a...

  • Answered hindi

    Vilom shabd

  • Waiting for answer music as world phenomenon

    1 Kharma and its effect on reincarnation are emphasized in what religious practice and how? 5 Name an instrument that performs surrogate language and describe how

  • Waiting for answer 4.2 Unconventional Sculpture Materials Discussion Forum

    Sculpture is not limited to marble, bronze. Artists like Robert Smithson (Gateways, 257) , Damien Hirst (Gateways, 258) , and Tara Donovan (Gateways, 557)  utilize alternative materials to create their distinctive sculptural works. Pick a work of art from an artist using a non-traditional medium, de...

  • Waiting for answer 4.1 Egyptian and Roman Sculpture Discussion Forum

    Compare and contrast the Egyptian Statue of Menkaure and His Wife  (Gateways, 661)  to the Roman Doryphoros  statue. Examine how the artists from the different eras and locations render the body with the a different form and style. Support your evaluation of them with applicable sculptural terminolo...

  • Waiting for answer I need help with a Baroque opera/Farinelli discussion

    Baroque Opera/Farinelli Discussion Here are 3 clips from a movie called Farinelli that I would like you to look at. I put these here so you could see what Baroque Opera really looked and sounded like. It's a Dutch film that was made in 1994 and great lengths were taken to recreate the look and feel...

  • Waiting for answer Robert Campin. Merode Altarpiece, art & design homework...

    10 short answer question quiz 

  • Waiting for answer Caravaggio movie summary help

    write one page summary about this film MLA format please.

  • Waiting for answer Sophocles's play, Antigone. In an essay of 750-1,000 words,...

    Directions: Read Sophocles's play, Antigone. In an essay of 750-1,000 words, discuss the main issues that cause conflict between King Creon and Antigone. Be specific in identifying, elaborating on, and providing examples of these issues.  Also address this question in your essay:  are there enduring...

  • Waiting for answer Logo- Arizona FFA BBQ Team

    - What is the exact name in logo?  FFA BBQ Team - Industry name?  Education and Universities  - What are the top 3 things we would like to communicate through logo? We're building a custom BBQ trailer to use at our events throughout theyear to feed our students. As a part of that effort, we are tryi...

  • Waiting for answer Analysis of Nonobjective Art, art & design homework help

    *Make sure to cite sources* *I'm setting the time limit as 1 day but the sooner you can get it to me the better.*

  • Waiting for answer Painting analysis "white light" Jackson Pollock

    This assignment is a 3 pages essay critique over a two dimensional art of work. A critique often involves both a formal evaluation of the work and a contextual critique considering the artist's style, intention, and historical period. You will consider several questions which will help you generate...

  • Waiting for answer Praxiteles sculpture of Hermes and the Infant Dionysos, art...

    The fourth century BCE (the Late Classical Period) was a time of political upheaval in Greece and had a profound effect on the Greek psyche. Looking at Praxiteles sculpture of Hermes and the Infant Dionysos, what has changed in the approach to Greek sculpture during this era?

  • Waiting for answer Organic, biomemetic and biophilic ARCHITECTURE: COMPARING VI...

    This is my research i want from you do add more discussion of finding (two pages ) or three  and conclusion as well  (One [page) please add some charts or tables also to be clear how they are different or similar i need one page of abstract as well and it has be around 200 words. Thank you 

  • Waiting for answer answer a study guide of Art Appreciation ARS 101-103 in two...

    i need someone to answer this study guide note, i have some slides that will help you, but i could not add more

  • Answered Web

    HOW to becone a rick man online

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